Review of Dolcetto wines Philippines wine supplier Manila wine shop discusses wine by the grape variety Dolcetto.

Date: December 14, 2010

L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui 2007

A Great Pizza Wine! Popped the cork last night on what turned out to be a tasty little number– A Dolcetto from one of Banfi’s estates. A versatile everyday red wine, working as well with pizza as it does with pasta, chicken dishes, grilled veggies and more.

Robyn Tinsley – Wine Skinny – October, 2008

The ideal Italian red wine for summer is a glass of the 2007 Vigne Regali L’Ardi Dolcetto d’Acqui

New Jersey Star Ledger – June, 2009

Full bodied and supple with texture, this is an extremely fruity wine, with floral, grapey overtones.

Restaurant Wine – September, 2009
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui 2006

Lighter weight aroma of fruit and faint herbs; crisp, lean entry and good acidity to match with tomato-sauced dishes.

Dan Berger – Dan Berger’s Vintage Experiences – October, 2008

Dolcetto for California syrah drinkers; This is soft and juicy, with lasting flavors of spicy plum and blueberry.

Wine and Spirits – December, 2008
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui 2004

“Medium granite color with purple berry highlights, a young nose that is reminiscent of raspberries and strawberries, full bodied with sweet vanilla extract from the barrique, and long lasting fruit flavor. L’Ardi is a Piedmontese regional wine made with Dolcetto d’Acqui, the holy wine of the Acqui area. L’Ardi is dialect in this region for a young, bold, daring young man who is attracted to adventure and challenges.”

José R. Garrigó – Diario Las Américas – February, 2007

“Pretty floral nose. Bright, raspberry fruit and a bit of toasty oak. Soft, sweet, good acidity.”

Gourmet – May, 2006

“Dolcetto is a grape that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s often pushed aside by the dominant grape of the Piedmont region of Italy, Nebbiolo. Most Nebbiolos require many years of aging, but the Dolcetto grape is accessible early, is lighter bodied, and great with food. This Dolcetto is beautifully balanced, lightly tannic and tart with ripe red fruit flavors, and a long finish. Its acidity will make it a nice accompaniment to a range of food from grilled salmon to grilled meats.”

Chris Silliman – Ten Nice Wines – April, 2006

“At about $11, the fruity, bright 2004 Vigne Regali L’Ardi Dolcetto d’Acqui, imported by Banfi Vintners in Old Brookville, is a ruby-red, ripe bargain.”

Peter Gianotti – – April, 2006

“Here’s an excellent red value from Italy. Lots of simple, cherry fruit and good balance.”

Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr – The Capital – March, 2006
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui 2003

“A great bargain, this soft, supple Dolcetto is loaded with plum and berry fruit, backed by hints of apple blossom on the nose and tobacco on the palate. A bit drying on the finish, so drink it with rare beef or burgers to help bring that element into line.” Best Buy 88

Wine Enthusiast – March, 2006

“Dolcetto is northern Italy’s version of Beaujolais. Serve this perfect warm-weather red slightly chilled to show off its unabashedly bright, fresh cherry flavors. Plays well with barbecued chicken.” Wine of the Week

Rebecca Murphy – Dallas Morning News – August, 2005

“Light ruby hue. Restrained aromas of raspberry and earth with a cedar note. Soft flavors of huckleberry and espresso. Wood spice lifts the finish.” 87

Wine News – April, 2005

“This wine was fruity and big, with aromas of cherries and dark and floral notes. On the palate, it was smooth and easy to drink, with firm tannins.”

Frank Sutherland – Tennessean – December, 2004

#38 of the Top 100 Best Buys of 2006

Wine Enthusiast – December, 2006
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui 2002

“Everything about the L’Ardi smacks of youth. It calls itself ‘bright and brave’ in an Italian, masculine kind of way. ‘L’Ardi,’ translated, means precisely that in the Piedmont region of Italy, where the wine comes from. It’s a wine to be enjoyed when it’s young by anyone with a light and breezy view of life. This is the red wine I’ve dreamed about my whole life. It begs to be chilled, even if that’s an offensive concept for crusty wine snobs. Dolcetto means ‘little sweet one,’ yet anyone who has ever tasted this red grape variety knows it produces dry, fruity nectar. It tastes of berries and cherries and all the other pleasant fruits that come to mind. It’s an ‘anytime’ drink to savor while you’re enjoying life.”

Philip Silverstone – Main Line Life – June, 2004

“Lively ruby with white rim. The bouquet is very fresh, with an abundance of cut cherry blossoms and violets that mingle with spicy bitter almonds. Youth in a flowery glass. On the palate it’s light, and very round, with an abundance of fairly sweet plum-laced cherry fruit that is supported by some, but not too many almond-laced tannins that lead into a clean almond-laced fruit finish that’s fairly persistent. It’s a trifle lax in terms of tannic structure—given the vintage this isn’t that surprising—but the fruit is nice, and it will work well with light, quickly cooked foods.”

Kyle Phillips – Italian Wine Review – January, 2004

“This is another chilled red that we really enjoyed. There was nothing watery or white zinfandel-y about it. This Italian is ruby colored and has oooomph, that hard to describe robustness (not to be confused with burliness). The fruit was rich and it offered restrained notes of berries and cream. A fine warm weather wine that really hit the spot on a late July day.” * * * * – August, 2003

“Magenta or cranberry in color, this elegant Italian red has loads of legs and a forward, sweet nose of candied violets. Light to medium bodied, it has good concentration, supple tannins, and adequate acidity to stand up to food. On the palate, it offers dry, sweet flavors of candied violets and currants. It has good length and finishes nicely with chocolate and currants. A perfect pairing would be a chicken saute or a light pasta dish.” Wine of the Week – May, 2003
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui Vintage Not Specified

“…fresh and fruity, easy to drink. Made from 100 percent Dolcetto grapes, L’Ardi has an intense ruby red color and tastes of berries and cherries and all the pleasant summer fruits that come to mind. It’s an ‘anytime’ drink to savor while you’re enjoying life, regardless of how young and adventurous you are. Cheers!”

Phillip Silverstone – Main Line Life (PA) – April, 2006
L’Ardì Dolcetto d’Acqui Vintage Not Specified

From time to time I revisit a wine which has brought joy to my taste buds in the past. In the case of L‘Ardi Dolcetto d’Acqui not only does the wine taste better than the flavors captured to memory but this time around the wine is $1 less than before.

In the northwest comer of Italy is the amazing wine growing region at Piedmont It is here that Vigne Regali produces their Dolcetto grape in the Acqui zone This is an early ripening low acid red grape variety ripening up to a month before any other grapes and it does well throughout the region.

It’s a wine to be enjoyed when young by anyone with a light and breezy view of life. It is a stunner when chilled even if that’s going to get me in trouble with the wine police and wine snobs. Dolcetto translates to little sweet one yet this red grape produces dry fruity nectar. The term L ‘Ardi in Piedmontese means bright and brave referring specifically to a fun and adventurous young man And this wine indeed reflects a youthful adventurous character to whichever gender is drinking it Fresh and fruity Dolcetto d’cqui is easy to drink and is often called Italy’s Beaujolais. Made from 100% Dolcetto grapes, L’Ardì has an intense ruby red color and tastes of berries and cherries and all the pleasant summer fruits which come to mind. Since the wine has fermented in stainless steel tanks the fruit is very fresh and forward.

It is indeed — as I said in my last review — anytime drink to savor while you’re enjoying life regardless of your age or your adventurous spirit. Cheers!

Phillip Silverstone – Main Line Times – February, 2009


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