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Text Box: Burgundy, France

2011     Maranges 1er Cru Clos Roussots, Aegerter, Côte de Beaune
PHP 2,900
The Maranges Premier Cru sites are clustered together between the villages of Cheilly-les-Maranges, Dezize-les-Maranges and Sampigny-les-Maranges and run contiguously with those of neighboring Santenay, to the east.  Being at the very southern tip of the Cote d’Or escarpment, it benefits from a southerly aspect, enjoying good exposure to the sun, and limestone-rich soils.   Enjoy the Clos Roussots with pigeon, escargots, venison, kangaroo, salmon and all sorts of delicate dishes.

2011     Mâcon Rouge "Pierreclos", Lupè-Cholet, Mâconnaise
PHP 1,750
Seriously underrated, great value especially for fans of classic Pinots from southern warmer climates;  attractive perfumed nose, warm texture of flesh and clean, rich flavors, lend well to beef, grilled meat, steaks and game

2009     Volnay, Aegerter, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
Volnay is reflexively regarded as delicate, lacy, and elegant.  It is a  wine that is appreciated for it complexity and finesse more than power and brute force.   It is often compared to the elegant and softly-styled wines from Cote de Nuts.   Enjoy this beautiful wine with equally beautiful food involving game, poultry, cheese and other fine ingredients that deliver delicately charming flavors.

2009     Pommard Les Cras, Domaine Roger Belland,  Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,900
Vigorous sorting of grapes are done in the vineyard, then the Pinot Noir fruits are esteemed in the winery before undergoing a cold maceration. Fermentation occurs under temperature control at 15C for three to five weeks.  When the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wines are warmed at thirty-five degrees for two or three days, in order to stabilize the colors and refine the tannins.   This wine-making technology enables to keep the maximum of wine-fruit aromas and to valorize the substance, the concentration, while avoiding to extract the too rustic tannins.  Les Cras is located near Volnay and the wine is a generous blend of elegance and power.

2008     Santenay, Lupè-Cholet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 2,700
Famous also for its spas, Santenay is a primarily red wine town although a small quantity of very good white wines can be seen from time to time.  There were nervous moments near the harvest in 2008 as rain fell frequently only later to be saved once more by the north wind which blow-dried the grapes.  Deeply colored, nose and flavors equally intense, mineral notes of its marlstone soil base shining through giving the wine an extra lift, a good quality for a wine to drink with food which can range from grilled salmon to game and grilled red meat.

2004     Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Voillenots Dessous, Gilles Bouton, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,700
Although more famous for its white wine, many collectors seek out the red wines of Chassagne-Montrachet not just for novelty but also for the wine’s warmth, well integrated flavors and a velvety texture.  2004 presented some challenges to Burgundy with a cool summer but the vintage was saved b a warm and dry September that ripened the grapes sufficiently to produce wines of substance and richness.  These are classic Burgundy red wines that will go very well with game, braised and grilled red meat, grilled salmon and even savory Asian dishes.

1999     Nuits St. Georges Les Brulees 1er cru, Charles de Valliere, Côte de Nuits
PHP 4,800
Located in northern region of Burgundy, the wine has strong built, difficult to approach when young and even now after over a decade of ageing it is powerful and intense, muscular and a bit chewy; all those components are neatly balanced in one package of a firm and sturdy red wine with interesting notes of leather, truffle and game, a really classy wine to enjoy with food of matching stature.

1998     Mercurey, Joseph Drouhin, Côte Chalonnaise
PHP 2,900
The largest appellation of the Côte Chalonnaise region of Burgundy producing seductive looking wine with a nose of raspberry and some black currant.  On the palate, spicy notes combine with leather and brown tobacco to deliver a wine a complexity and depth that make for an interesting wine to savor even just on its own.  This is one of those wines that connoisseurs go to for reliable gratification without paying excessively for a more famous label.

1998     Volnay, Fremiets, 1er Cru, Marquis d’Angerville, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,500
Volnay’s premier Cru climat Fremiets is situated immediately north of Volnay village, its north-eastern edge adjoins Pommard.  The vineyard benefits from well-drained limestone-rich soils and a south-east-facing aspect which helps the vines to enjoy the morning and early afternoon sunlight.  A lot of work went into sorting grapes weeding out those affected by rot which affected the 1998 vintage for some terroirs.  These efforts paid off in a wine that is well structured, elegant and succulent, giving pleasures for many years.

1997     Beaune, Les Marconnets, 1er Cru, Albert Morot, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
Les Marconnets is situated south-east of Savigny-les-Beaune village, on the southern side of the Rhoin Valley where it widens out onto the plains between Beaune and Corton.  This climat faces directly across the plains below to the southern Corton slopes.  In keeping with traditions, Domaine Albert Morot’s de Janvry respects his Aunt’s love of old vines, vowing to tend with care so as to retain the Domaine’s average vine age of more than 50 years.  1997 produced rich and supple wines throughout Burgundy, much more successful than in Bordeaux.

1996     Beaune, Les Greves, 1er Cru, Domaine de l’Arlot, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,900
The wines of Domaine de L’Arlot are aged in about one third new wood from the Allier forest and are bottled after 16-18 months for the premier crus, 14-15 months for the village wines. The reds are bottled unfiltered.  Winemakers here are committed to maintaining the classic, elegant style that has come to define the wines of Domaine de L’Arlot.  Greves – the name is derived from "graviers", small pebbles or gravel found on the soil of the vineyard – is a famous vineyard, recognized as one of the best Premier Crus of Beaune, Grèves is at mid-slope, at the northern end of the appellation.

1996     Clos du Vougeot, Grand Cru, Rougeot-Dupin, Côte de Nuits
(M) PHP 21,000
Most of the wine produced in this small village comes from one single walled grand cru vineyard, the famous Clos de Vougeot. The vineyard in its present form dates from 1336.  Clos de Vougeot is the smallest commune and largest clos in the Cote d’Or. It consists of 50 hectares of vineyards owned by 82 owners, with six soil types. There is quite a difference in quality between the upper (best) and lower (least fine) parts of the vineyard, though in medieval times a blend from all sectors was considered optimum.

1995     Mercurey, Clos L’Evéque 1er Cru, Hugues et Yves de Suremain , Côte Chalonnaise
PHP 3,200
Maturity brings complex elements of tobacco, spice and cocoa to the nose; medium-full bodied, not as chewy as in its youth but still meaty and quite rich; interesting part is its mineral notes, a refreshing quality in red wines because it makes it all that more versatile with food.  Popular pairings include lamb, rib eye and rump steaks, braising recipes and even roast pork just to name a few of many options

1995     Morey-Saint-Denis, Chartron et
Frebuchet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,700
Morey-St.-Denis is a masculine wine, full-bodied and quite powerful, leathery notes on the nose; structured wine with big round tannins requiring age to develop properly.  Aside from game bird, this wine is equally happy with braised or roasted red meat, and a well marbled steak

1994     Aloxe-Corton Les Paulands, 1er Cru, Ch. De Valliere, Côte de Beaune
PHP 6,500
Aloxe-Corton is tightly surrounded by vines – out of a total a total of 263 hectares, 245 of these are planted with vines.  There are also 25 lieu-dits that may be used on the label together with Corton and Les Paulands is one of them.  There are many different wines from the heterogeneous Corton appellation.  Les Paulands is one of the more elegant wines.

1992     Beaune, 1er Cru, Jean-Pierre Collin, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,600
Juicy nature of the wine in youth frequently hides its full potential; with age, truffle, leather and spice notes emerge on the nose.  Quite a full-bodied wine, it is maturing into a wine with solid structure, still lots of fruits but the texture is not so chewy anymore, a wine that can partner with even firmer meats but a real treat with a good cut of steak such as rump or flank

1992     Chambolle-Musigny, 1er Cru, Dom. De la `     Tassée, H. de BoileauCôte de Nuits
PHP 11,000
Chambolle-Musigny is often regarded as the most feminine wine of the Côte de Nuits ; its intensity and delicacy express themselves with elegance and subtlety. To the eye, it presents a bright ruby hue with luminous highlights. It may darken a little over time but with no loss of impact. Its bouquet, easily recognizable, is composed of violet and small red fruits (raspberry, strawberry). With further aging it tends towards spiced ripe fruits and prune, or towards truffle, underbrush and animal notes. Rich, fragrant and complex, it lines the palate with silk and lace. Its delicate but fleshy texture in no way detracts from its solid and durable structure. On the sweet side with little trace of acidity, its tannins remain silky-smooth.

1991     Nuits St. Georges Les Pruliers 1er cru, Henri Gouges, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
There are no grand crus, but many fine premier cru vineyards, the mayor of the time – Henri Gouges – preferring not to single out any vineyard for the highest status.  The 1991 vintage was a test of wisdom and prudence.  Those like Gouges who harvested quickly avoided the rains which diluted the wines. 

1990     Corton Marechaudes, Grand Cru, Prince Florent de Merode, Côte de Beaune
PHP 8,000
Corton Marechaudes is a tiny walled vineyard located on the lower easter slopes of the Montagne de Corton hill, on the western edge of Ladoix-Serrigny village.   It is accorded the Corton Grand Cru appellation.  The wine offers flavors of violets, forest berries, leather and earthy notes.   In 2008, the Domaine Prince Florent de Mérode leased out 6 acres of its Corton vineyards to the legendary Domaine de la Romané-Conti after the death of both the Prince and the Princess de Mérode.  DRC codirector Aubert de Villaine is confident that they will produce great wines worthy of the DRC name.

1990     Saint-Aubin, 1er Cru, Domaine Larue, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,900
St-Aubin also produces some red wines not nearly as famous as their whites, but they are light and charming. The top red vineyards tend to be those that are sited behind the village of St-Aubin: Les Frionnes and Sur le Sentier du Clou.   With a rich proliferation of reliable growers, it is easy to suppose that all the wines of St-Aubin are worth seeking out.  The 1990 vintage produced a wine with aromas of dark fruits and spice on the nose whilst the palate is dry, medium bodied with good concentration and an excellent intensity of fruit.

1990     Santenay Commes 1er Cru  Roger Belland, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,900
The small spa town of Santenay, just over the departmental border into the Saone-et-Loire, produces full, rich, quite firm red wines which can offer good value for money.   The 1982 is fully matured, a little past its prime even, but it offers attractive bouquet of licorice, red berries and violets on the nose, and a nice mouth feel of silky tannins, a wine that can be enjoyed with more delicate dishes and a grilled salmon with red wine sauce perhaps.

1990     Savigny Lès Beaune, Francois Gay, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
Old-school red wines made from 100% Pinot Noir, styled not for size, power or flamboyance; elegant personality with lots of subtle charm, medium-bodied, an excellent partner with food that is not too heavy.   Wine drinkers exhausted by massive wines with high alcohol levels and chunks of extract would find this wine to be a delightful reprieve.  This is also a great starting wine to go with interesting starters.

1990     Latricieres Chambertin, Grand Cru, Camus Pere & Fils, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,700
1990 was one of the greatest vintages in recent history for Burgundy, producing classic wines with excellent balance, ripe tannins and fruit with longevity.  These wines are destined to be admired for several decades, the kind of wines that connoisseurs of fine vintage wines look for, a real treat to sip and enjoy all by itself or with really fine food made from exceptional ingredients with recipes that do not overpower the natural virtues of the main ingredients.

1990     Vosne Romanée, Charles de Valliere, Côte de Nuits
PHP 4,500
One of the great appeals of Burgundy is the complexity of the vineyard holdings.  Vosne-Romanée is split into scores of different vineyards, each with subtly different characteristics. Each of these vineyards is then further split into plots — often just a couple of rows of vines — each owned separately. There are no markers or fences, as each vigneron knows exactly which vines they own. The vineyards themselves are graded by quality as village-level, premier cru and grand cru, in ascending order. he wine reveals its fine and pleasant tannins, which give it remarkable balance and nice volume.  This Vosne-Romanée is elegant and has good length on the palate with fine and pleasant tannins, which give it remarkable balance and nice volume.  Popular food pairings include steak, red neat, lamb and game birds.

1989     Beaune, Cuvee Rousseau-Deslandes, Hospices de Beaune, Côte de Beaune
 (M) PHP 11,000
Each year, on the third weekend of November, Beaune plays host to the world’s most famous charity wine sale. Professionals, connoisseurs and wine lovers come together for two days of festivities, the epitome of pure Burgundy tradition.  The auction takes place in a unique setting: the Hôtel-Dieu is an extraordinary collection of hospital buildings with their glazed colored tiles.  Since 1859, the Hospices’ prestigious vintages have been sold by candlelight on the third Sunday of November every year. For several centuries now, the entire proceeds of this exceptional charity auction have been dedicated to the charitable and religious works of the old hospices as well as new civil and secular hospital institutions.

1989     Pommard, Les Grands Epenots, 1er Cru, F. Gaunoux,Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,200
Pommard’s reputation of force and tenacity belongs in the 19th century.  20th century renditions lean towards subtle richness resulting in a sensuous wine with deep, complex flavors.  This matured version exhibits notes of leather, chocolate and pepper.  With tannins now resolved, the wine’s velvety texture makes for a delicious accompaniment to natural flavors of game and red meat

1988     Clos du Vougeot, Grand Cru, Domaine Leroy, Côte de Nuits
PHP 28,000
Described as a "guardian of great wines", owner  Lalou BIZE-LEROY who left the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti after a heated dispute, is a staunch advocate and practioner of biodynamic.  The quality (and price) of the wines from Domain Leroy rivals that of the famous DRC.  On the fields, careful selection by hand of the grapes when picking, the grapes are brought to the cave in small baskets.  At the winery traditional methods are escalated to the highest levels: fermentation in large wooden barrel without any de-stemming or crushing to avoid any oxidation and to preserve the precious native yeasts which are present on the skins of the grapes; slow fermentation and a long maceration.  This Clos de Vougeot is, in a word, sensational.

1987     Beaune, Clos du Roi, 1er Cru,  Robert Ampeau et Fils,  Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,800
Not to be confused with the grand cru Corton-Clos de Roi, this 1er cru from Beaune is no ordinary wine either.  In youth, it was a little too big and juicy to let its more distinguished qualities shine through.  Now fully matured, the wine can be enjoyed for its complexity, well-balanced finish and powerful connection between tannins, acidity and fruit flavors.  This is a wine that can be enjoyed from start to finish of a multi-course meal, surprisingly keen with seafood in tomato-based sauce.

1986     Fixin Les Hervelets, 1er Cru, Crusserey, Côte de Nuits
 PHP 3,800
Wines from this northerly appellation of Burgundy’s Cote de Nuits district are known as "winner wines" a term used on wines that require ageing in the bottle to show its best.  Tannic structure helped the wine to mature slowly over the years into a complex wine with earthy flavors, delightful with game and high quality red meat carefully prepared without too much distraction on the plate

1985     Pommard, La Refene, 1er Cru, Dom. Latour-Giraud, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,700
Pommard’s reputation of force and tenacity belongs in the 19th century.  20th century renditions lean towards subtle richness resulting in a sensuous wine with deep, complex flavors.  This matured version exhibits notes of leather, chocolate and pepper.  With tannins now resolved, the wine’s velvety texture makes for a delicious accompaniment to natural flavors of game and red meat

1985     Pommard 1er cru Les Noizons, Denis Carré, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,800
The wines made by the Carré family are harvested by hand at the perfect stage of maturity to ensure a good concentration of fruit. The wood aging process is conducted with the potential of each cru firmly in mind to ensure that the final result is perfectly balanced.  Denis Carré is a passionate wine enthusiast.  The star of the Domaine is actually the grape variety, so Pinot Noir wine lovers should prepare themselves for a treat!

1983     Corton Greves, Grand Cru, Pierre Ponnelle, Côte de Beaune
 PHP 6,400
Less than 5% of the wine made in Burgundy qualifies for the highest classification of Grand Cru.  Invariably these special crus require extended bottle ageing to reach their prime.  This 83 Corton-Greves’ has charming mineral notes on the nose leads into a supple and well-rounded red wine with generous flavors with firm backbone and a solid built, a wine that many enjoy with roasted or braised meat, steaks with natural juices flowing and grilled salmon.

1983     Pommard, Les Platieres, 1er Cru, Domaine Prieur Brunet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,800
These domains can trace its history back to 1804 when all the land in the region was confiscated from the church and sold to private interests. today it is run by Dominique and Giullaume who are the 7th and 8th generation respectively to product wines on this estate.  The wines of Pommard, as holds true for the balance of Burgundy, offer the taster varying degrees of flavor as well as aromatic profiles depending upon vineyard location.

1982     Santenay, La Comme, 1er Cru,  J. La Fayette, Côte de Beaune
 PHP 3,200
Santenay is one of several appellations in Cote de Beaune that has gained serious recognition over recent decades.  One reason could be because its supple texture combined with an intense attack lends remarkably well to many Asian-styled food.  Another popular choice of food accompaniment is salmon.  the meaty texture of the wine also goes well with burgers and sirloin steaks.

1978     Morey-St-Denis, Les Charrières, 1er Cru,  Maurice Sigaut, Côte de Nuits
PHP 7,700
Venerable vintage red Burgundy, a class act, not for quaffing; worthy some undivided attention.  A masculine wine, full-bodied and quite powerful, leathery notes on the nose; structured wine with big round tannins requiring age to develop properly.  Aside from game bird, this wine is equally happy with braised or roasted red meat, and a well marbled steak

1978     Pommard, Charmots, 1er Cru, Dom. Billard Gonnet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,700
Pommard’s reputation of force and tenacity belongs in the 19th century.  20th century renditions lean towards subtle richness resulting in a sensuous wine with deep, complex flavors.  This matured version exhibits notes of leather, chocolate and pepper.  With tannins now resolved, the wine’s velvety texture makes for a delicious accompaniment to natural flavors of game and red meat

1978     Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Les Suchots, Charles Laurent Fils, Côte de Nuits
PHP 9,800
One of the most hallowed wine regions in the world, home to legendary names like ROMANÉE-CONTI, the wines are not made for casual everyday quaffing.  Instead, these wines require extensive ageing to develop a velvety texture, refined and well-blended bouquet of leather and fur, gamey scents too.  Fans of Pinot Noirs find its voluptuous nature irresistible especially in maturity when power is balanced properly by flesh; obviously a wine to savor with food of top quality, enjoyed in relaxed pace with due respect.

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