Where to eat vegetarian food in Pampanga? Vegans and Vegetarians highly recommend Yats Restaurant as the best place to eat in Pampanga, for many reasons

Gourmet Vegetarian food at Yats Restaurant Spring onion & chive polenta cakes with creamed oyster tarragon mushrooms with sweet potato chips & beetroot reduction

Yats Restaurant recently upgraded its vegetarian menus bringing it to world-class standards, no longer treating vegetarian dishes as just something necessary for a fine dining restaurant but as a menu that the restaurant can be proud of. Vegans and vegetarians are not the only ones to applaud this move to revamp and upgrade the vegetarian menu of the best restaurant in Pampanga. Even meat lovers are excited by the prospect of enjoying a delectable meal comprised of healthy vegetarian dishes, a good reprieve from their usual meat laden meals. Wine lovers applaud the effort of this restaurant in Clark Pampanga to pair gourmet vegetarian recipes with fine vintage wines.

Here in the Philippines where dining options are still rather limited compared to other major cities in Asia, vegans and vegetarians have been less than happy with the selection of fine dining restaurants in Manila and Pampanga that serves good vegetarian food. In fact, even the best restaurants in Manila and Pampanga seem to treat vegetarian cuisine as an afterthought rather than an opportunity to flaunt their culinary skills. At this fine dining restaurant located in Clark, Pampanga which is a mere 60 minutes drive from Manila along the newly refurbished North Expressway, the vegetarian prix fixe menu is not only taken seriously, it is among the favorites of foodies visiting from Manila and other cities in Asia. Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar is generally considered the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga, and is fast gaining the reputation of being the best place to have vegetarian food in Manila, Subic, Angeles City Pampanga, Clark Philippines.

Banquet settings for business and social functions

Fine dining in Manila Philippines, wine and dine at Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar, great wine list, highly recommended place for business dinners. This well-known restaurant also offers gourmet vegetarian menu and exciting wine-paired set menus perfect for executive dining.

Well known wine restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine showcasing gourmet recipe paired with fine vintage wine from Yats Wine Cellars. Foodies and wine lovers travel regularly to Pampanga to visit this fine dining restaurant for its gourmet vegetarian cuisine. The food and service in this restaurant in Clark are of high standards. This restaurant is not only frequently visited by vegans and vegetarians but also meat lovers taking a break off their usual diets to enjoy a fine healthy meal. This fine dining restaurant makes vegetarian dining something to enjoy for guests of all ages. For wine lovers it is a real treat to enjoy fine vintage wine with gourmet vegetarian meals.

Chateau Lafite 1937 served at Yats Restaurant in Clark Pampanga

Wine lovers all over Asia spend an evening in fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge when visiting Clark Philippines for golf, gambling, relaxation or business. Wine Spectator gave this dining establishment its best of excellence of awards for its 2700-line wine list. As the number of wine enthusiasts grows in the Philippines, fine dining restaurants in Manila and Pampanga have to upgrade their wine lists to keep their customers satisfied. Far too often, restaurants in Philippines fail to offer an exciting wine list to their guests. This causes food and wine lovers to search for other good places to eat in Pampanga or Manila. There really is no excuse for a good restaurant in Manila or Pampanga to offer a mediocre wine list. Wine is an integral part of a dining experience in any good restaurant in Pampanga or Manila. A poor wine list disappoints many customers forcing them to go elsewhere to find a good place to eat in Pampanga.

Vegetarian Dish - Asparagus and Spinach risotto with red pimento dressing

Best place to unwind in Angeles City Pampanga Philippines is to wine and dine at Yats Restaurant which is also considered as the best restaurant in Clark for group dinners, parties and social functions outside of Manila. Guests of this top rated fine dining resto bar in Clark enjoy the cozy ambience, the spacious dining area as well as the privacy and exclusivity of this top restaurant near Manila in Clark. Some guests wine and dine at this famous restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga for its gourmet food. Others frequently dine at this restaurant in Clark for its fine selection of vintage wines that are offered at attractive prices. Some guests, business executives especially, select this restaurant because of its elegant private dining facilities and the attentive and professional service that the staff provides for a more formal business dinner. Whether it is a formal business dinner, a light-hearted social gathering, a private celebration or a cozy family dinner, Yats Restaurant is generally regarded by wine and food lovers of all ages to be the best place to eat in Pampanga, and restaurant goers in Angeles City, Manila, Tarlac and Subic mostly agree enthusiastically.

Hong Kong-based Yats International built this fine dining restaurant in Clark Pampanga in 2000 to provide a world-class social and business entertainment to food and wine lovers outside of Manila in Pampanga, Tarlac and Subic. This well known restaurant in Clark is not only one of the good places to eat in Pampanga but it also offers business meeting facilities and venues for private group dinners and social functions in Philippines Pampanga Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone. This well known restaurant in Pampanga is also highly recommended for birthday parties for adults and for children also.

It did not take long before food and wine lovers in Pampanga and Manila discovered this fine dining restaurant in Clark that offers the best selection of wines in the Philippines. Yats Restaurant rapidly earned the reputation of being the best restaurant in Pampanga and certainly the best place to wine and dine in Clark Philippines. Even vegans and vegetarians make it a point to dine at Yats Restaurant for its gourmet vegetarian dishes. Weight watchers and health-conscious food lovers enjoy a special treat whenever they dine at this famous restaurant in Clark, one of the few restaurants in the Philippines that can make healthy food taste just as delicious as regular good food.

North Luzon Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines was selected for this restaurant because of safety, clean air, absence of traffic and proximity to Manila and Subic. Event organizers looking for a safe and secure restaurant to hold special dinners and corporate events frequently visit Yats Restaurant in Clark. Many visitors from Manila consider Yats to be the best restaurant with nice ambience in Pampanga. Yats Restaurant is generally considered to be a good venue for business meetings, social functions and corporate events also.

Philippines Clark Pampanga is located near Manila and Subic making this restaurant in Clark very accessible to residents of Manila, Tarlac, Angeles City and Pampanga. Food and wine lovers from Manila, Tarlac, Bulacan and Subic can travel north along North Expressway and arrive in Clark Pampanga in about 70 minutes a good place to eat without having to go through city driving. This is one of the best restaurants in Clark Pampanga, generally considered the best place to eat around Angeles City Pampanga and a good night out place also for residents and tourists spending time in Angeles City and Clark Philippines.

Pampanga is well known among food and wine lovers of the Philippines for its fine cuisines. In fact, many residents of Subic and Manila travel to Angeles City and Clark Pampanga to wine and dine at one of the best restaurants in Philippines, the well known fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar in Mimosa Leisure Estate of Clark Freeport Pampanga.

Please visit this web site for more information about this fine dining restaurant in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.


Manila dining guide lauds Yats Restaurant for its award winning wine list befitting a world class fine dining establishment, a restaurant that many consider to be the best place to eat in Clark. Interesting enough, this upscale top rated restaurant in Clark Pampanga is also frequently visited by families with children. Visitors from Manila travel to Angeles City Pampanga Clark Philippines often dine at Yats Restaurant during a night out to enjoy its cozy ambience, delicious food, good service and fantastic selection of wine all at reasonable prices. . In fact, travel guides list Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar as the best place to eat in Pampanga.

Food and wine lovers name Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar as the best restaurant in Pampanga Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines, the best resto bar to drink and relax after golf or business, also a good family restaurant where kids can enjoy the food and the facilities also.

Getting to this fine dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga Philippines

Enjoy the large selection of fine vintage wine served at Yats Restaurant

How to get to this fine-dining restaurant in Clark Philippines? Once you get to Clark Freeport, go straight until you hit Mimosa. After you enter Mimosa, stay on the left on Mimosa Drive, go past the Holiday Inn and Yats Restaurant (green top, independent 1-storey structure) is on your left. Just past the Yats Restaurant is the London Pub.

Highly recommended fine dining restaurant in Manila for special occasion is Yats Restaurant & Wine Lounge located in the famous Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Pampanga. Situated near this popular restaurant in Clark is the Mimosa Golf Course as well as the Mimosa Clark Casino. This top rated restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga in Clark Philippines is frequently used for private parties and corporate functions such as board meetings and other gatherings.

Manila residents and tourists looking for a good restaurant in Clark to wine and dine, relax and unwind after a game of golf or a long day of work or business in Pampanga find Yats Restaurant to be an impressive restaurant in Clark Pampanga. Top rated and most frequently visited restaurant in Angeles City Clark Pampanga is Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge. Even families with children choose to eat at this restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga because of its child friendly facilities, good service and excellent food. Yats Restaurant is quite well known as a nice restaurant for kids in Manila, Pampanga and Subic.

Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar
Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn, Mimosa Leisure Estate,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
(045) 599-5600 0922-870-5194 0917-520-4401 Pedro or Rechel

Highly Recommended Family Resto Bar The London Pub in Clark Pampanga

Yats Leisure Philippines is a Hong Kong based company which owns and operates several establishments in Clark Pampanga. For more information about Yats, please log on to http://www.YatsLeisure.com

Wine lovers and visitors looking for a good wine shop to pick up a few bottles of fine vintage wines for dinner at a good place to eat in Pampanga or to bring home to Manila from Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga, Clark Philippines might want to check out the famous wine shop of Yats Wine Cellars called Clark Wine Center. Log on to www.ClarkWineCenter.com

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Besides good and impressive restaurants to wine and dine near Manila, Subic or in Angeles City Pampanga, Clark Philippines, those requiring assistance for hotel and resort bookings in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines may log on to http://www.HotelClarkPhilippines.com for more information and reservations.

Lodging in Clearwater Resort by the Lake

Clark Pampanga is not only frequently visited for its good restaurants and fine dining establishments, it is also a highly recommended wedding destination especially for couples looking for outdoor garden reception venues and beach weddings. For assistance and information on wedding venues and how to organize a wedding reception, log on to http://www.PhilippinesWeddingVenue.com

Yats Leisure Philippines

Those visitors who plan to relax and unwind in Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga, Clark Philippines might make an effort to book a room at the famous beach and lake resort Clearwater Resort & Country Club. This famous hotel in Clark Pampanga is frequently visited by families with children looking for a good place in Clark to see, a good holiday destination for the family to relax and unwind in the beautiful outdoor facilities. For more information, log on to www.ClearwaterPhilippines.com

For information about working, living, doing business or finding a job in the Philippines, log on to http://www.yilp.com

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