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YATS RESTAURANT and Wine Lounge is widely regarded as one of the finest wine sensitive restaurants in the Philippines. At this restaurant in Clark Pampanga, gourmet Mediterranean cuisine is carefully crafted and fine-tuned to pair well with fine wine. With over 2500 selections of vintage wines in its award-winning wine list which spans all major wine regions and covers a wide range of prices, this fine-dining restaurant is home to many wine-and-food-pairing dinners and wine tasting events that help to cultivate and enhance wine appreciation in the Philippines. Open every day for lunch through dinner, this is one of the restaurants in Pampanga that business executives, tourists and local residents prefer not only for special occasions but even for a nice and relaxing meal comprised of good food, excellent wine, fine service and great company.

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Mimosa Golf Estate, Clark Field (Clark Airbase), Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines
Tel: (045) 599-5600 0922-870-5194 0917-520-4401 Ask for Daniel, Lito or Cosh

Banquet, Events and Functions, Manila Sales Office 3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (632) 633-1566 ask for Rea or Chay

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About Yats Restaurant

Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar was built by Hong Kong-based Yats International in 2000 to provide a world-class fine dining restaurant, business meeting facilties and venues for private dinners and functions in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone. Clark Philippines was selected for this restaurant because of safety, clean air, absence of traffic and proximity to Manila and Subic. This Clark Restaurant serves French Mediterranean cuisine complimenting its 3000-line award-winning restaurant wine list. With the restaurant's two walk-in 24-hour temperature controlled wine cellars supported by a 2-storey wine warehouse called Clark Wine Center nearby, wines from all regions spanning vintages over 100 years are available in this dining establishment
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Birthday party package available at Yats Restaurant, one of the best places for birthday parties and other celebrations in Pampanga.  Already regarded by Manila food lovers as a good restaurant in Clark Pampanga, many residents of Angeles City prefer to organize their functions and gatherings in this famous restaurant in Pampanga.  Clark field offers limited dining options to visitors visiting Pampanga for holiday, golf or business investment.  But the best restaurants in Pampanga can be found inside Clark airbase where the finest places to wine and dine are located.

Every Christmas, visitors from Manila travel out of town to the north to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga called Yats.  Here at this fine dining restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, many Christmas and New Year parties are held for guests coming from Subic, Angeles City, Pampanga, Manila and Clark Philippines.  This is a good restaurant in Pampanga for all sorts of celebrations, as well as a good venue for meetings outside of Manila and social gatherings for residents of Manila and Clark Philippines.

Christmas parties and New Year's celebrations are being reserved at Yats, one the best restaurants in Pampanga for group dinners, parties, functions and events in Angeles City, Clark, Pampanga.   Visitors from Manila celebrating Christmas and New Year out of town, looking for a good place to eat in Pampanga, highly recommend Yats Restaurant as the best resto bar in Angeles City and Clark Philippines to wine and dine.  Residents of Subic and Angeles City regard Yats as a good restaurant in Pampanga to enjoy good food with friends.  Some event organizers laud this famous restaurant in Clark Philippines as a good party venue as well as a good place for business meetings also.

New way to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Philippines, enjoy a party at a good restaurant in Pampanga with a unique regional wine dinner only available at this restaurant in Clark Philippines.  Regional wine dinners are an invention of Yats which is generally regarded as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga.  Located inside Mimosa Leisure Estate which is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines, Yats caters not only to the elite and the business executives but also to food and wine lovers traveling from Manila to Pampanga to enjoy a special treat in the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga.  Noted by tourists and residents of Subic and Angeles City Pampanga is the fact that Yats Restaurant offers the best restaurant wine list in the Philippines.  Dining at this top rated restaurant in Angeles City Clark Philippines is a special treat for wine lovers from Manila and other cities in Asia.   Already well known for being a good place to eat in Pampanga, Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar is also highly recommended by tourists and residents of Angeles City as the best restaurant to enjoy a special dinner or to celebrate special occasions. 

Best place to spend Christmas and New Year in Manila is to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga called Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar.  Many visitors from Manila are tired of the same old Christmas dinners and New Year celebration in even the good restaurants in Pampanga.  This year, many guests of the best restaurants in Manila, Subic, Angeles City and Clark Pampanga are looking for something new, more exciting.  Yats Restaurant is one of the good restaurants in Pampanga to respond by rolling out special regional wine dinners to the delight of food and wine lovers from Manila and Pampanga looking for a good place to celebrate Christmas or to hold a New Year's Eve party in Angeles City and Clark Philippines.

Event organizers and companies in Manila are busy searching for good restaurants in Clark Pampanga to hold Christmas and New Year group dinners and parties as plans are being finalized for annual company celebrations in Pampanga.   Clark Philippines is a highly recommended destination for those who prefer to celebrate with a nice dinner in a good restaurant out of town but near Manila.   After booking a good restaurant in Pampanga, the
party is already half way to being a great success.

Clark airbase, also known as Clark field and Clark Freeport Zone is a popular destination for residents of Manila, Angeles City and Subic to wine and dine or just to eat out with family and friends.  Restaurants at Clark Philippines offer some of the finest food, dining facilities and wine lists in the Philippines. 

Best place to hold Christmas party and celebrate New Year in Pampanga is Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar, well known as the best restaurant in Clark Philippines.  Residents of Manila and Angeles City Philippines look for an exclusive restaurant to hold group dinners to celebrate Christmas and New Years in Pampanga.  Highly recommended place for Christmas celebration is Yats, well known as the best restaurant in Angeles City and Clark Pampanga.  This fine dining restaurant in Clark Pampanga offers some of the best private dining rooms among the best restaurants in Angeles City and Manila Philippines.

Manila residents, companies and schools travel out of town to the north to hold Christmas parties, organize group dinners to celebrate New Year or enjoy the holidays at the end of this year in Pampanga.   Many event organizers highly recommend Yats as the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga for celebrations and parties this holiday seasons.  Special Christmas parties can be accommodated in this fine dining restaurant either indoor or alfresco in the garden of this famous restaurant in Pampanga.  Although restaurants and bars in Angeles City Pampanga can also be considered for Christmas and New Year celebrations, visitors from Manila and tourists prefer to wine and dine in the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga where they can feel safe and secure.  Clark field, also known as Clark airbase and Clark Freeport Zone has one of the lowest crime rates of all cities in the Philippines.   Pollution and noise levels are also low in Clark field and this makes Clark airbase a popular place for families, business travelers and those coming to Pampanga for holidays and vacations to relax and unwind at the best restaurants at Clark Philippines for a nice meal with some fine wine.




Things to do in Clark Pampanga - buy a bottle of wine from Clark Wine Center and enjoy a special BYOB dinner at the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga, no corkage charge.  Tourists visiting Clark Philippines this summer laud Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar as the best place to eat in Pampanga.  Best BYOB restaurant in Manila, Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga and Clark Philippines is Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar, well known among wine lovers as the best place to eat in Pampanga.  This liberal wine corkage policy makes Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar which is already famous for offering the best restaurant wine list in the Philippines, one of the best places to eat for wine lovers in Manila, Subic, Angeles City and Clark Pampanga.

Food and Wine Lovers of Manila, Tarlac, Subic, Pampanga Angeles City and Clark Philippines gather at the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga to wine and dine on B Y O B night during which guests are invited to bring their own bottle of wine and no corkage is charged.  Some guests opt to buy wine at the famous wine shop in Pampanga, Clark Wine Center to bring to dinner at this fine dining Restaurant in Angeles City, Clark Pampanga.  Although BYOB is not invented here in this top rated restaurant in Pampanga but Yats Restaurant is already well known for paying special attention to wines and wine lovers.  Restaurants at Clark Philippines are renowned for their quality of food, service and ambience.

BYOB which stands for Bring Your Own Bottle, refers to a special treat that the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga offer to their valued customers to bring their own wines when dining at this top rated restaurant.  Normally corkage fee ranging from p500 to p1500 per bottle is charged but on BYOB evenings which usually take place on Saturdays at this famous restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga, corkage charges are waived.  Wine and food lovers from Manila, Tarlac, Subic, Pampanga Angeles City frequently take advantage of this special offer to dine at this restaurant in Clark Pampanga which is already well known not only for its award winning restaurant wine list but also its French Mediterranean cuisine that is always easy to enjoy and pair with fine vintage wine.   This is just one of many reasons why Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar located in Clark Philippines is generally regarded as the best place to eat in Subic, Angeles city Pampanga and Clark.

As wine become more and more popular in Manila, Subic, Pampanga Angeles City and Clark Philippines, guests are happy to hear of special BYOB evenings in the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga.  Waiving corkage fee is only part of the treat for this special dinner.  Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar prepares special wine-friendly menu for BYOB dinners.  Guests can share their bottles with other guests or opt to dine in the privacy of their own individual tables.  This is one of the most popular things to do in Clark Pampanga for visitors from Manila and residents of Angeles City, Subic and Tarlac.   Here in Clark field which is also called Clark airbase in the past, residents invite their friends and visitors from Manila and abroad to dine at Yats Restaurants where everyone can enjoy a really fine meal with some fine wine.

Yats Restaurant is also known among event coordinators and party organizers as the best place to hold Christmas parties in Pampanga.  This restaurant in Clark is ideal also for New Year and Valentine’s celebrations also.  Clark field is already a popular destination for celebration and special occasions.  Clark airbase has a certain ambience and charm that offer a special kind of experience that visitors coming from Manila to Pampanga find memorable.

Food lovers from Manila may remember Yats as the best restaurant in Pampanga to eat good steaks accompanied by fine vintage wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Italy, Spain and all major wine regions of the world.  Residents of Angeles City and Subic have long discovered that Yats is a great seafood restaurant in Pampanga.  Food lovers from Subic, Tarlac and Pampanga travel to Clark Freeport to enjoy a good seafood dinner at Yats accompanied by some of the finest white wines in the world.

Food and wine lovers of Manila and Angeles City gather in Pampanga to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga featuring classic French cuisine, many order fine vintage wines from Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge to pair with these delectable dishes, all in all, one of the best dinners they enjoy for a long time.  This is one of the reasons many residents in Manila and Angeles City Pampanga frequently visit Clark Philippines so they can wine and wine at the best restaurant in Pampanga.  Dinner at this fine dining restaurant near Manila is always a memorable experience for food and wine lovers coming to Clark for golf or business.  Many frequent travelers remember a dinner at Yats Restaurant to be one of the things to do in Clark Pampanga.  Yats is well known as the best place to eat in Angeles City, Subic, Clark and Pampanga, and a restaurant with nice ambience also.

Tourists and travel guides laud Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, citing reasons such as best restaurant wine list in Pampanga, excellent service in the restaurant with knowledgeable waiters, an elegant ambience for fine dining, good food and exciting menu featuring food from major culinary regions of the world. Some find it surprising to find this level of fine dining in Clark airbase which is also known by frequent visitors as Clark field, Clark Freeport Zone or Clark air field also. 


Food and wine lovers in Manila laud Yats Restaurant as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, a special restaurant that offers guests a real treat every time they wine and dine in this top rated restaurant in Clark Philippines which is surprisingly child friendly also.  Families frequently bring their children to enjoy a family dinner at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, a weekly treat for family bonding and some relaxation also.  Tourists and business executives visit the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga after a game of golf or a long day at the office to relax and unwind, drink and eat with friends and business associates.    Many frequent visitors to Pampanga remember Yats as the restaurant with nice ambience, a good place to eat in Pampanga as well as to drink and relax with friends after business or golf in Clark or Angeles City.

Best Restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga unveils special dinner menus featuring regional cuisines in France, Italy and USA, all designed to pair very well with fine vintage wines, a real treat for food and wine lovers traveling out of town from Manila to the North to visit Subic, Tarlac, Clark Pampanga Philippines




Yats Restaurant is already well known to residents of Angeles City, Subic, Manila, Tarlac and Clark Philippines as a good place to eat in Pampanga.  Recently, event organizers and corporate planning departments have discovered that this famous restaurant in Clark Pampanga is also a very good venue for group dinners and corporate functions, not to mention parties and celebrations for other special occasions outside of Manila in North Luzon.   Booking a good restaurant in Clark Pampanga is an important step in ensuring the success of a private dinner, function, gathering and event near Manila.

This year, many event planners and party organizers are eying Yats Restaurant in Clark for small parties for Christmas and New Year celebrations in Pampanga.  Some companies in Manila have decided to go out of town to hold their annual parties in Pampanga. Clark is so accessible it makes a great deal of sense to choose this destination for functions and events.

Best restaurant in Pampanga offers private rooms for group dinners and business meetings, making this fine dining restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga a good place for business dinners and social functions.   Outside of Manila, facilities for group dinners, private meetings and social gatherings are limited even in high class restaurants in Pampanga.  Hotels ballrooms and functions rooms lack the cozy ambience that private dinners require.  One good restaurant in Pampanga offers upscale facilities for private dinners, the only good restaurant in Clark Philippines that offer high quality facilities like this.  This exclusive restaurant in Clark Philippines is top rated for social and company gatherings.  This high class restaurant in Angeles City Clark Pampanga hosts many group dinners, celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries and other events near Manila.    This is a good restaurant in Subic, Clark, Angeles City that is also widely recognized as the best place to eat in Pampanga.  Manila residents, local residents of Clark and Subic as well as business executives of Angeles City frequently hold group dinners and social events in this fine dining restaurant near Manila.  Special menus for functions and events are available from catering team of this fine dining restaurant near Manila.  Most of the menus of this high class restaurant in Pampanga are surprisingly inexpensive despite being of high quality.  Yats Restaurant is one of the popular venues near Manila for events and parties and a highly recommended place to dine out while visiting Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines.

Tourists and residents of Manila travel out of town to the north on a short getaway look for the best place in Clark for rest and relaxation.  Many find a top rated resto bar called Yats Restaurant to be very suitable for families with children.  This restaurant is highly recommended for visitors going to Clark Pampanga to enjoy a good meal or just to drink wine, relax and unwind with friends and families.  This fine dining restaurant is known by tourist and visitors to Pampanga, Angeles city, Subic and Clark Philippines as a cool place to hang out in Clark.  The place has good atmosphere for a romantic dinner and it has spacious dining areas for group dinner and private rooms for exclusive gatherings, certainly one of the best venues for business or social gatherings in Clark field which is also known as Clark Freeport Zone and Clark field.

Best restaurant in Clark Pampanga for private dinners and celebrations is Yats Restaurant, top rated resto bar frequently visited by food and wine lovers from Manila, Subic, Tarlac, Bulacan, Angeles City and Clark Philippines.  Group dinners are often held in one of several dining areas in Yats which is generally regarded as the best restaurant in Pampanga for social and business functions.  If privacy is a major concern, guests can book one of the private rooms for special dinners of small or large groups of up to 80 people.  The alfresco garden often serves as a venue for pre-dinner cocktail receptions where guests can enjoy Champagne with hors d'oeuvres before sitting down to the dinner table to enjoy a sumptuous meal with fine wine at the best restaurant in Pampanga.


The best place to hold group dinners in Clark Pampanga is Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge.  Located in the upscale and quiet location of Mimosa Leisure Estate that is famous for its Championship golf course and the Clark casino, this top rated restaurant is highly recommended for event organizers looking for a good restaurant to hold group dinners.  Companies in Subic and Angeles City Pampanga frequently choose this restaurant in Clark for meetings, parties and functions.  Residents of nearby Angeles City, San Fernando and other cities of Pampanga travel to Clark to hold their group dinners and social gatherings in this popular restaurant in Clark.  Yats Restaurant is well known among residents of Manila to be a place to visit whenever they travel out of town on a getaway to the north towards Subic, Tarlac, Baguio or Pampanga.  Very often, group dinners, family gatherings and social functions are held in this famous restaurant in Clark Philippines.


Highly recommended fine dining restaurant in Manila for special occasion is Yats Restaurant & Wine Lounge located in the famous Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Pampanga.  Situated near this popular restaurant in Clark is the Mimosa Golf Course as well as the Mimosa Clark Casino.  This top rated restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga in Clark Philippines is frequently used for private parties and corporate functions such as board meetings and other gatherings.  Its private rooms are frequently used for board meetings, private parties, company meetings and other functions and events.   Business executives looking for a private place to hold meetings in Pampanga discover the best restaurant in Clark for social and business meeting is Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar.


Private dinners can be accommodated in this famous restaurant located in Mimosa, at the heart of Pampanga Clark Freeport.  Private rooms suitable for 4 to 24 can be reserved in advance at this impressive restaurant in Pampanga for company and personal functions and events in Clark.  This fine dining restaurant in Pampanga is a very popular event venue for small wedding receptions, social events, company board meetings and annual parties.  Even companies from Manila travel to Pampanga to hold their functions and events in this well known fine dining restaurant in Pampanga.



IMPRESSIVE RESTAURANT IN CLARK PAMPANGA offers privacy and a sense of exclusivity making this fine dining restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga one of the best restaurants in the Philippines.  Food and wine lovers from Manila travel to the north on a short getaway for holiday, vacation or business frequently dine at this top rated restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga not only for the good food and excellent service but also to enjoy a few bottles of the best wines in the Philippines from the wine cellars of this best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga.  Although this fine dining restaurant is located in Clark Pampanga some 60km from Manila, food and wine lovers frequently make the journey to wine and dine in this top rated restaurant in Pampanga.  Residents of Subic, Manila and Tarlac finds the journey to Clark Philippines worth the effort because it is always a special treat to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga.


Best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga is Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar serving French Mediterranean cuisine and offers private dining rooms as well as facilities for group dinners and small parties. 


Unfortunately for most restaurants in Manila, local supply of lamb cannot comply with the quality standards of fine dining restaurants.  At Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge, lamb racks, lamb chops, lamb shanks and the popular leg of lamb are all imported, often from Australia.  Frequent visitors to Subic or Angeles City Pampanga seldom pass up the opportunity to wine and dine at this well known restaurant in Clark.  Many guests order a bottle of vintage Claret, preferring vintages in the 80s and 90s.  Some go for the more matured and elegant older vintages in the 60s and 70s, all these being available at reasonable prices in the wine cellars of Yats Restaurant in Clark Philippines.


By popular demand, fine dining restaurant in Clark Pampanga offers catering services that enable clients to hold special dinners and wine parties at home or in their own offices in Pampanga.  With the introduction of this special catering service by the best restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, residents of Subic, Tarlac, Angeles City, Pampanga, Clark Philippines can throw upscale parties at home and serve good food and fine vintage wine also.  Generally considered as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, Yats Restaurant provides the kind of upscale ambience of a good venue for business meetings and social entertainment near Manila.  Many small weddings have also been held in this top rated restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga also.   


(culinary Team)


The culinary team of Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar sets this fine dining restaurant apart from all the other resto bars, bistro and restaurants in Manila, Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga.   Under the direction of Scottish chef Michael Caffrey whose passion for down-to-earth high-quality cuisine drives everyone around him to reach for perfection, this top rated restaurant in Clark Philippines have won recognition among food and wine lovers from Manila as well as tourists staying in Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga, as the best place to eat in Pampanga.

Manila residents, companies and schools travel out of town to the north to hold Christmas parties, organize group dinners to celebrate New Year or enjoy the holidays at the end of this year in Pampanga.   Many event organizers highly recommend Yats as the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga for celebrations and parties this holiday seasons.  Special Christmas parties can be accommodated in this fine dining restaurant either indoor or alfresco in the garden of this famous restaurant in Pampanga.  Although restaurants and bars in Angeles City Pampanga can also be considered for Christmas and New Year celebrations, visitors from Manila and tourists prefer to wine and dine in the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga where they can feel safe and secure.

Although this fine dining restaurant in Pampanga is famous among Manila food lovers for serving the best steaks in the Philippines, Yats Restaurant and Wine Bat is also well known as the best place to eat seafood in Pampanga.   Residents of Angeles City and San Fernando Pampanga travel into Clark Freeport to enjoy a seafood dinner in this highly recommended restaurant.  Some food lovers enjoy the Atlantic Mackerel with a properly chilled bottle of Champagne.  Other seafood lovers from Manila enjoy the meaty and more intensely flavored Barracuda pan seared to perfection accompanied by a nice bottle of Meursault or Chassagne-Montrachet.

Special meals are prepared by the kitchen of this fine dining restaurant in Pampanga.  Almost no requests are too challenging and absolutely no ideas are discarded without serious attempts to achieve results in this fine resto bar.  Residents of Angeles City often come to Clark Airbase to wine and dine in this restaurant for a quiet dinner with family or friends or a group dinner for corporate or social functions in Pampanga.

Best restaurant in Pampanga offers private rooms for group dinners and business meetings, making this fine dining restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga a good place for business dinners and social functions.   Outside of Manila, facilities for group dinners, private meetings and social gatherings are limited even in the best restaurants in Pampanga.  Hotels ballrooms and functions rooms lack the cozy ambience that private dinners require.  One good restaurant in Pampanga offers upscale facilities for private dinners.  This exclusive restaurant is top rated for social and company gatherings, group dinners, celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries and other events.    This top rated restaurant in Subic, Clark, Angeles City is also widely recognized as the best place to eat in Pampanga.  Manila residents, local residents of Clark and Subic as well as business executives of Angeles City frequently hold group dinners and social events in this fine dining restaurant near Manila.  Special menus for functions and events are available from catering team of this fine dining restaurant near Manila and most of these menus are surprisingly inexpensive despite being of high quality.  Yats Restaurant is one of the popular venues near Manila for events and parties.

Michael Caffrey, new executive chef at Yats Restaurant and Wine bar in Angles City Clark Philippines, revamped menu, fine tuning classic dishes, adjusting prices to more attractive levels, making Yats the Best Restaurant in Clark Pampanga for everyone.  This fine dining restaurant in Pampanga maintains very high standards with regards to its food and service.

Tourists staying in Clark Philippines and visitors from Manila travelling to the north looking for a good place to eat in Angeles City Pampanga choose the highly recommended fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar.  Good food and excellent service are cited as main reasons for the popularity of this famous restaurant in Pampanga.  More and more, Yats restaurant is recognized for its fantastic restaurant wine list which won an international award from the famous wine magazine called Wine Spectator for one of the best 800 restaurant wine lists in the world in 2011.

Residents of Manila visiting Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines discover the best place to eat in Pampanga, excited that this top rated fine dining restaurant in Angeles City is children friendly, a resto bar that kids enjoy.

In sharp contrast to Angeles City Philippines, Pampanga Clark Freeport is well known for its safety and security, registering the lowest crime rates in the Philippines.  The absence of traffic and pollution also helps to position Clark Pampanga at the top of tourists’ list of destinations for vacation and get-away from Manila with families and friends.  Inside Clark Freeport, tourists and visitors from Manila can find many world-class entertainment, leisure and hospitality establishments, the best fine dining restaurants, upscale bars and pubs that are frequently by local residents, expats, tourist and visiting business executives looking for a good resto bar to hangout in Pampanga.  In addition to playing a round of golf in one of several championship golf courses in Clark, tourists and visitors from Manila unwind and relax in the evening to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga called Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge.  Located inside Mimosa Leisure Estate, Yats Restaurant is well known as the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga, a fine dining restaurant that families can also bring their kids and children to enjoy a special dinner.  Food and wine lovers often travel from Manila to enjoy a good dinner at this restaurant in Pampanga because of its award winning wine list.

More and more visitors arrive in Angeles City and Clark Pampanga as tourism starts to focus on North Luzon.  Tourists and visitors from Manila and Cebu discover a good place to eat in Clark Pampanga, a top rated restaurant that serves good food and fine wine, called Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar situated inside Mimosa of Clark Philippines.

More and more guests from Manila travel out of town north to Clark Pampanga to wine and dine in famous fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar while enjoying fine vintage wines from the cellars of the restaurant.  

More and more foodies, critics, connoisseurs, frequent diners and wine lovers from Manila travel out of town north to Clark Pampanga to wine and dine in famous fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar.  Most visitors enjoy the fine vintage wines from the cellars of this fine dining restaurant.   Some purchase a few to bring back home to Manila.



(Wine List)

Among the fine dining restaurants in Pampanga, Yats Restaurant is well known as the restaurant that offers the best selection of fine vintage wines.  Furthermore, this famous fine dining restaurant in Pampanga offers the kind of cuisine that enables food and wine lovers to fully appreciate the fine vintage wines they order to compliment their food for the special dinner.  A lot of special events, corporate entertainment, social affairs as well as small private gatherings take place in this special restaurant in Clark.  This is one of the few restaurants near Manila where guest can enjoy privacy and excellent service along with the good food and fine wine offered by this highly recommended restaurant in Pampanga.  Residents of Angeles City come to Clark when they look for a good place to eat or a restaurant to entertain friends and business associates.

The wine list in this fine dining restaurant in Clark is not well balanced and does not favor either red or white wines.  It is one of the few restaurant wine lists in the Philippines that offer patrons and regular diners a large selection of fine white wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux and other regions of the world.  These white wines pair beautifully with the seafood menu of this restaurant.  Yats is well known as the best restaurant to eat seafood in Pampanga.

To the delight of wine lovers, especially those who have a penchant for red wind of Bordeaux, fine dining Yats Restaurant is bringing back to its French Mediterranean menu, classic lamb dishes.  Generally regarded as the best restaurant in Manila, Subic, Angeles City and Clark Pampanga Philippines, wine lovers laud their wine cellars for its splendid collection of Bordeaux and Burgundy red and white wines.  The depth of vintages that spans over 50 years accommodates myriad palates and personal preferences of individual food and wine lovers.  Depending on how a guest prefer to have the lamb done and the choice of the accompanying sauce and side dishes, the choice of wine can vary to achieve a high degree of synergy between food and wine.    Many have discovered that this fine dining restaurant in Pampanga is a nice place to hang out in Pampanga.  Residents of Angeles City and Subic travel frequently to Clark to hang out in the wine lounge of this restaurant in Clark Pampanga.

Generally regarded as the best restaurant in Manila and Pampanga, Yats Restaurant respond to demand of food and wine lovers in Clark to bring classic lamb dishes back on the menu so guests can enjoy them with find red wine from Bordeaux


Best restaurant in Clark Pampanga attracts diners and wine lovers from Manila, Subic and Angeles City Philippines to wine and dine at this fine dining restaurant.  This top rated restaurant in Clark Pampanga is frequently visited by travelers from Manila, Subic, Baguio and neighboring provinces like Bulacan and other cities in Pampanga.

Where to go in Pampanga, tourist guide names Yats Restaurant as best restaurant in Pampanga, highly recommend visitors to visit this top rated resto bar in Pampanga Clark Philippines whenever travelling out of town from Manila to Angeles City or Subic.  This is one of the most frequently restaurants in Pampanga, particularly favored by wine lovers from Manila and Subic looking for a good bottle of vintage wine at affordable prices.  Here in this top rated restaurant in Pampanga, the cuisine is not heavy and guests feel relaxed and properly taken care of so they can enjoy dinner with class.   Many ask to visit the famous wine cellars of this restaurant in Pampanga, some taking pictures with the most expensive wines in the Philippines.

Best restaurant in Pampanga wins international award from Wine Spectator for best restaurant one of the best wine lists in the world, as wine lovers from Manila, Hong Kong and China take note and plan for a visit to this fine dining establishment whenever they visit the Philippines, Subic, Angeles City, Pampanga or Clark Philippines

Best restaurant in Clark Philippines offers award winning restaurant wine list, top rated fine dining resto bar outside Manila, one in 650 restaurants in the world to win the Wine Spectator's Best of Awards of Excellence for its fabulous restaurant wine list, the only restaurant in the Philippines to be given this award.

Each year, world leading wine and dining magazine called Wine Spectator gives out a special award to restaurants offering the best wine selections.  The Best of Awards of Excellence is given out to less than 700 of the best restaurants worldwide.  Here in the Philippines, Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar is the only one to receive this prestigious international award.   This restaurant in Clark Pampanga is already well known as one of the best restaurants in the Philippines.  With this award, this fine dining establishment puts Philippines, Clark Pampanga on the map of the international dining scene.

Restaurant wine lists are judged not for the number of impressive big names on the wine list but more on how interesting the wine selection is for the dining guests.  Breadth of selection covering all the major wine producing regions of the world is an important aspect of a restaurant wine list and so is the depth of vintages offered.  Yats Restaurant has long been recognized internationally as one of the best places to wine and dine for wine lovers and those who are used to world class gourmet dining.  Winning this international restaurant award places the Philippines on the map of international travelers who are accustomed to fine dining at a world-class level.  The famous restaurant wine list of this top rated restaurant in Clark Pampanga serves as an icon in the Philippines for international wine lovers coming over to visit the Philippines on business or leisure.


Standards for selecting best restaurants outside Manila in Pampanga Angeles City have risen.  In addition to food, value for money, ambience and service quality, the quality of restaurant wine list has been added to evaluation criteria.  Topping the list is fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar well known for its award 2700-line winning wine list, French Mediterranean cuisine and wine cellars.

Wine lovers all over Asia spend an evening in fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge when visiting Clark Philippines for golf, gambling, relaxation or business.  Wine Spectator gave this dining establishment its best of excellence of awards for its 2700-line wine list.  As the number of wine enthusiasts grows in the Philippines, fine dining restaurants in Manila and Pampanga have to upgrade their wine lists to keep their customers satisfied.  Far too often, restaurants in Philippines fail to offer an exciting wine list to their guests.  This causes food and wine lovers to search for other good places to eat in Pampanga or Manila.  There really is no excuse for a good restaurant in Manila or Pampanga to offer a mediocre wine list.  Wine is an integral part of a dining experience in any good restaurant in Pampanga or Manila.  A poor wine list disappoints many customers forcing them to go elsewhere to find a good place to eat in Pampanga.



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We stood and chatted for perhaps a half-hour, and in the meantime his wife returned from a grocery shopping trip. John and Diana Ford provided contacts in the community that proved to be a goldmine for my research on the Hanlan barn. They graciously offered their spare bedroom to me if I needed a place to stay while I worked on the story 鈥?a wonderful display of true Montana spirit, with a willingness to take in a total stranger after a half-hour鈥檚 conversation! I was pleased when they told me they had even read a few of my previous barn stories. [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]abercrombie outlet[/url] He said state legislators and Department of Revenue officials need to clarify the proper method. p [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi[/url]
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It's #MyJamMonday on , so basically get ready to have a medley of pop songs in your head by the end of the evening. Plus: We have our first elimination of Season 20! Which couple got sent home? Read our recap to find out: and (cha cha)Their jam: "Time of Our Lives" by PitbullThe dance: We see Chris and Witney (not Whitney) butting heads over the former Bachelor's inability to memorize his steps during rehearsal. And it's a bad omen, as he's pretty much out of sync for the duration of their performance. His technique isn't completely terrible, but the timing is so far off that it torpedoes the dance.What the judges say: says the dance was a little messy, but okay considering Chris has no dance experience and only four days to rehearse. compliments Chris' enthusiasm, but is a little more harsh, comparing Chris' timing to Jell-O (but on a positive note, he says Chris was "erect"). advises him to concentrate more on the details and be less casual during the dance.Score: 21 (out of 40) and (jive)Their jam: "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee LewisThe dance: Suzanne takes Julianne's plea for more "raunch" to heart - but luckily her definition of "raunch" isn't as crass as it could be. (She is in her 60s, after all.) It's a fine routine, and even if Suzanne does lack some of Tony's flexibility and natural rhythm, she matches his energy and looks like she's having the time of her life out on the floor.Page 2 of 6 - What the judges say: Julianne loves the sass, and Bruno says it was "teasy but not sleazy." Carrie Ann praises Suzanne's bounce and notes that she didn't miss a step. Len says Suzanne dances like someone 50 years her junior.Score: 28 and (foxtrot)Their jam: "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Michael BubleThe dance: The pair that is the subject of this season's showmance tackle the foxtrot for Week 2. (Robert continues to creep me out beyond belief in his interviews, so I'm trying to not let that affect my perception of their dancing.) The routine is fine, and Robert is definitely more graceful than he was last week, but his facial expressions! That plastered-on smile makes him look like a used car salesman and I can't handle it.What the judges say: Bruno says Robert's confidence overrides any technical glitches, but he needs to work on his extensions. Carrie Ann says their cuteness makes her nauseous. (Me too, but I don't think Carrie Ann meant it in the same way.) Len compliments Robert's footwork, and Julianne gives Robert pointers on his frame.Score: 28 and (cha cha)Their jam: "California Gurls" by Katy PerryThe dance: Charlotte is upset about the feedback she's been getting online, so hopefully she won't read this recap. Whether it's due to self-consciousness or something else, Charlotte seems to lack any confidence whatsoever for the first part of the routine. She eventually starts to feel it and look like she's having a good time, but her steps still feel a little stilted and disjointed.What the judges say: Carrie Ann says she's got great legs but the feet could use a little work. Len thinks it was fun and an improvement from last week, and Julianne says Charlotte is showing great potential (and calls out her haters). Bruno tells Charlotte to ignore the naysayers and flaunt what she has - but be more disciplined about what she's doing with her body.Score: 26Page 3 of 6 - and (foxtrot)Their jam: "Working My Way Back to You" by The SpinnersThe dance: Michael's clearly been working on his extensions, and he's lost that horrible fake smile - but now looks like he's concentrating too hard. Can't win! Still, this is a vast improvement over Week 1, and Michael looks like he's reached down deep and pulled out a little bit of finesse to boot.What the judges say: Len gives Michael's frame and footwork a thumbs up, and Julianne compares it to a Broadway performance. (Let's not get carried away, Julianne.) Bruno compliments Michael's butt (again), but tells him to keep it in check. And Carrie Ann marvels at his "transformation" from last week.Score: 28 and (cha cha)Their jam: "Rumor Has It" by AdeleThe dance: Rumer has it! (Get it?) And by "it," we mean the whole package. She's down-to-earth in interviews, clearly working hard in rehearsals, and her dancing is insane. (Those legs!) Her coordination and intense attitude are operating at a Week 6-ish level, and we're only on the second show. The only time she seemed to lose some of the intensity was going down the steps, but that's forgivable in Week 2. We can officially call Ms. Willis the surprise Season 20 frontrunner, right?What the judges say: "You're pretty much a powerhouse," Julianne tells Rumer, but advises her to breathe a little more. Bruno loves the sense of purpose she gives the dance. Carrie Ann praises Val's choreography and loves Rumer's hard, un-tentative steps. Len says the dance could have used a little more cha cha and makes a rumor/Rumer pun.Score: 32 and (jive)Their jam: "My Sharona" by The KnackThe dance: Redfoo's definitely stepped up his game after last week's performance, and he's much better-suited to an upbeat jive. Redfoo's a goofball, and this dance allows him to show off his wackier side (while still staying remarkably disciplined as far as the steps are concerned). It's fun and energetic, and probably the most engaging routine of the night so far.Page 4 of 6 - What the judges say: Redfoo "went from running on empty to running on plenty," according to Bruno. Carrie Ann high-fives him and says he "killed it." Len says the dance had great energy but lacked technique, a critique Julianne adamantly disagrees with.Score: 31 and (Argentine tango)Their jam: "Somebody That I Used to Know" by GotyeThe dance: I guess the trick for Mark here is to allow Willow to dance a relatively sexy dance while keeping in mind that she is just 14 years old. Points for their paint-splattered costumes, which is a cool idea, and props to Willow for performing like a grown woman rather than a teenager. Their lifts are totally graceful, and Willow shows an impressive lack of hesitation in giving herself over to the routine.What the judges say: Carrie Ann notes that the competition is getting pretty tight, and compliments both the concept and Willow's lines. Len loves her maturity and the lifts, and Julianne praises Willow's intensity. Bruno agrees with the comments about her lines and maturity (and is impressed with the paint too).Score: 32 and (samba)Their jam: "Homegrown Honey" by Darius RuckerThe dance: Noah sweetly dedicates this song to his girlfriend Jamie, who's been gone for six months in basic training (and stuns Noah by coming out from backstage at the end of their routine. Aw!) We get a country samba from him and Sharna, as well as a play for the skin vote with an open shirt on Noah (to show of his, admittedly, very nice abs). He and Sharna really do have great chemistry, and Noah demonstrates an impressive level of confidence and smoothness throughout the routine.What the judges say: Len is jealous of Noah's abs and his hip rhythm. Julianne says Noah has great musicality, and Bruno enjoyed the country-Latin hybrid, as well as Noah's timing and control. Carrie Ann says that Noah's physical limitations actually enable him to bring a whole new set of skills to the dance floor.Score: 27Page 5 of 6 - and (rumba)Their jam: "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed SheeranThe dance: Noah's not the only one going for the skin vote, with Derek also opting for an open shirt. He and Nastia certainly have the sensuality down, and Derek's choreography is typically stellar. Nastia's bend during the dip in particular is amazing enough on its own, but really the whole dance is perfectly executed.What the judges say: Julianne tells Nastia she's the most "naturally gifted" dancer in the competition, but says their connection felt false for the first half of the dance. Bruno loves Nastia's motion and flow, and Carrie Ann is (almost) rendered speechless. Len agrees with Julianne that the dance took a while to "blossom," but when it did it was wonderful.Score: 34 and (foxtrot)Their jam: "Sugar" by Maroon 5The dance: It seems like Allison and Riker may have spent more time on his hair than on rehearsal this week, but once they start the routine it's clear that they must have done something else in addition. Riker adopts a more subdued technique than his rocking-out routine from last week. It's nice to see a softer side of him, and to see that he can show a little grace when it's called for.What the judges say: Bruno says both Riker's look and the dance are "slick," and Carrie Ann says Riker's arms set him apart. Len nitpicks that his holds could use a little work, and Julianne loves the choreography.Score: 32 and (salsa)Their jam: "In Da Club" by 50 CentThe dance: Personally, I think the fact that Patti chose "In Da Club" as her jam means she should get automatic 10s, but she's also the first Season 20 contestant to be plagued by an injury (her knee). However, once the routine stars, I'm confused why the focus is on the "waitress" and other "club patrons" rather than on her. I'm not sure how much salsa this routine contained, but she certainly got her grind on a bit, so good for her. Did anyone else feel like this dance lasted 30 seconds?Page 6 of 6 - What the judges say: Carrie Ann bows down to Patti. Did she watch the same dance I did? Len compares Patti to a "big white fluffy cloud" (a compliment?). Julianne also gushes that Patti is a "baller." Bruno calls Patti a V.I.P. and likens her to Cookie from Empire. But no one really mentions anything about the dancing itself...Score: 28Now it's time for the first elimination of the season.In jeopardy: Redfoo and Emma, Suzanne and Tony, Charlotte and Keo, Chris and WitneySafe: Charlotte and Keo, Chris and WitneyEliminated: Redfoo and EmmaWhat did you think, Dancing fans? Which was your favorite routine of the night? And were you disappointed to see Redfoo and Emma go home? Sound off in the comments!Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.View original at Other Links From TVGuide.com [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister clothing[/url] A registered sex offender connected to a missing 13-year-old was booked into the Pinellas County Jail Thursday morning on two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.
o Sendek's overall record at Arizona State was 159-137. He had received a one-year contract extension after last season through 2017. [url=http://www.katespade.name/]kate spade bags[/url] Prices: $4-$9 d
Josh Sahib, an instructional designer at the University of Alabama and a software entrepreneur [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] 鈥淣o, you cannot see the pool where Brian Jones drowned,鈥?she said. 鈥淚t's a private home and the residents do not wish to be disturbed.鈥?[url=http://www.katespade.name/]kate spade[/url]
1st Team All-District: [url=http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi/]michael kors bags[/url] cutting consumer subsidies and charging user fees for social services such as health care and education; b [url=http://www.hollisterco.eu.com/]hollister co[/url]
*Guilbeau with 2 more strikeouts in the top. Alabama goes 1-2-3, including strikeouts of White and Hughston. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister clothing[/url] Crystal Hill Assembly of God, 6722 Mountain Pine Rd, North Little Rock: Service times; 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship and 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening.
NyBhbmQgdHJhdmVsIHRvIHBsYXkgaW4gRGVubWFyayBvbiBNYXJjaCAzMS4gPC9wPjxwPkFrcm9u [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url] that the U.S. was conspiring with Iran, enabling it to take over strategic f [url=http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name/]toms shoes outlet online[/url]
Harrison had trouble moving the football. The squad had a three-and-out possession to end the third period. They had the football for 19.5 seconds on that possession and had three incomplete passes. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister co[/url] This article originally appeared as on

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015


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But we're right in the middle of the NCAA tournament and Alabama still doesn't have a basketball coach, so we'll turn our attention to roundball here for at least one week. As usual, the NCAA tournament becomes less about Cinderella and more about good teams facing off as we hit the second weekend. [url=http://toryburchoutlet.503ent.com/]toryburchoutlet.503ent.com[/url] Share http://guccioutlet.htcafelincoln.com
鈥淭hat kind of maturity, which has been built over the years, only comes when cities have been through 50 or 60 years of development,鈥?he says. [url=http://oakleys.johnson-williamsfuneralhome.com/]oakley sunglasses[/url] "Manhood," a sequence of poems that takes up about a third of her book, views youth baseball as a crucible in which young men are formed or find their own way 鈥?and as time's mortar and pestle grinding their parents, too. t [url=http://cheapjordans.jump-penang.org/]cheap jordans[/url]
6. Mant茅ngase fresco. Baje el termostato a entre 60 y 70 grados Fahrenheit para mantener la habitaci贸n fresca por la noche, tal como lo sugiere Carmen Ordo帽ez, experta en estilos de vida y asociada al programa Dulces Sue帽os de Pru茅balo te Encantar谩. [url=http://toryburchoutlet.503ent.com/]tory burch shoes[/url] Mesa Water District launched Mesa Water Saver, a campaign that aims to reduce residential water use within its service area. Mesa Water has started to contact approximately 40,000 households in its community, which includes Costa Mesa and parts of Newport Beach. The goal is to reduce daily residential water use by 20 gallons or more per person per day.
The bipartisan Surveillance State Repeal Act, if passed, would repeal dragnet surveillance of Americans鈥?personal communications, overhaul the federal domestic surveillance program, and provide protections for whistleblowers. [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.4bollywoodlovers.com/]michael kors outlet[/url] Students who enjoy art and fashion design, or just happen to be duct tape enthusiasts, should enter the annual Duck brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. With more than $50,000 in scholarship prizes up for grabs, this one-of-a-kind opportunity emphasizes originality and imagination by challenging students to create their own unique Duck Tape prom wear. Duck brand has a history of sticking by students, awarding more than $300,000 in scholarships over the last 15 years.
The solar power station on the roof of Nov谩 sc茅na is bigger and more efficient than the "old" photovoltaic panels on the operational building. What they have in common is that both roofs needed new hydro insulation, so besides installing solar panels, workers will also seal the roof. [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.4bollywoodlovers.com/]michaelkorsoutlet.4bollywoodlovers.com[/url] Feeling stressed? You锟絩e not alone. While the economy may be improving, finances continue to be a burden especially on young adults and parents, according to a recent study from the American Psychological Association.More than one in four people report feeling stressed over money most or all of the time, according to the 锟絊tress in America: Paying With Our Health锟?survey. Stress over money has remained the same for 59 percent of respondents or gotten worse (29 percent) in the last year. There is a link between well-being and financial security, the report found, with nearly three-quarters of participants reporting feeling stressed about money at some point in the past year, and some of them saying that they sacrificed health care because of finances.锟絎hen people are financially challenged, it makes sense their stress level could go up,锟?said Dr. Norman Anderson, the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Psychological Association. 锟組any industries in the economy have shown improvement, but we still know many people aren锟絫 benefiting and are still concerned about economic well-being.锟絆n a positive note, Americans锟?stress levels are trending downward: The average reported stress level is 4.9 on a 10-point scale, down from 6.2 in 2007. However, regardless of lower stress levels, it appears that Americans are living with stress levels higher than what we believe to be healthy 锟?3.7 on a 10-point scale 锟?and some (22 percent) say they are not doing enough to manage their stress.锟絋his year锟絪 survey continues to reinforce the idea that we are living with a level of stress that we consider too high,锟?Anderson said. 锟紻espite the good news that overall stress levels are down, it appears that the idea of living with stress higher than what we believe to be healthy and dealing with it in ineffective ways continues to be embedded in our culture. All Americans, and particularly those groups that are most affected by stress 锟?which include women, younger adults and those with lower incomes 锟?need to address this issue sooner than later in order to better their health and well-being.锟紸 few more of the 2015 Stress in America survey锟絪 findings:n Nearly one in five Americans say that they have either considered skipping (9 percent) or skipped (12 percent) going to the doctor when they needed health care because of financial concerns. n Stress about money also impacts relationships: Almost a third of adults with partners (31 percent) report that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship.n Women are more stressed than men. Fifty-one percent of women said that stress keeps them awake at night, compared to only 32 percent of men.The report also uncovered good news about stress management. Americans who say they have someone they can ask for emotional support, such as family and friends, report lower stress levels those without emotional support. Unfortunately, some Americans say that they do not have anyone to rely on for emotional support. According to the survey, 43 percent of those who say they have no emotional support report that their overall stress has increased in the past year, compared with 26 percent of those who say they have emotional support.
Editor:I did not intend to rebut the two women who wrote to the editor about the candidate聮s forum on Feb.11, but their gross misrepresentation of facts and misinformation in their letters compel me to respond. [url=http://toryburchoutlet.503ent.com/]tory burch shoes outlet online[/url] According to Antonio Vigilante, Deputy Special Representative for the Consolidation of Democractic Governance in the UN Mission in Liberia, and Resident Coordinator, there is a golden opportunity to have a different start, to have a more balanced development that leaves outcomes in the hands of the people. It s a very delicate stage, full of opportunities, which should not be missed.
c Pitt. Then in 1964, the latter two formed Miller Pitt P.C., [url=http://oakleys.johnson-williamsfuneralhome.com/]oakley sunglasses[/url] WASHINGTON Towards the end of the 1990s, more than a decade and a half after Diet Coke was first introduced, Coca-Cola found itself in a rut. The soda maker's best-selling low calorie drink, popular as it had become, appeared to be topping out in reach. The same was true of cola's archrival Diet Pepsi, as well as the rest of the lighter soda business. "Sales of diet soft drinks remain as sluggish as overeaters after Thanksgiving dinner," The New York Times wrote in the spring of 1997.Reports of diet soda's demise were premature at the time. In the decade that followed, diet sodas grew by more than 30 percent. In 2009, sales pushed above $8.5 billion for the first time.But America's thirst for Diet Coke and its kin is running dry again and this time it could be for good.Sales of low calorie soft drinks in the United States have tumbled by almost 20 percent over the past five years, according to data from market research firm Euromonitor. This year, diet soda sales are on pace to drop another 5 percent. By 2019, they are projected to have fallen off by roughly a third since their peak in 2009.Some of the biggest brands are also some of the biggest losers in America. Diet Coke, which is the third best-selling soda in the United States, has seen its sales fall off by 15 percent in the past two years, and almost a third since 2005. Sales of Diet Pepsi, the second largest low calorie brand, meanwhile, have plummeted by roughly 35 percent.Other less popular carbonated low calorie drinks are suffering, too. Americans buy 25 percent less Diet Dr. Pepper and 33 percent less Diet 7-Up than they did eight years back.Even Coca-Cola Zero, which grew furiously after it's launch in the early 2000s, has seen sales slow to a halt in recent years. Last year, the brand contracted for the first time, according to Eurmonitor.The diet soda slowdown isn't merely an American thing it's also happening worldwide. Globally, regular Coca-Cola and Pepsi are growing, albeit slowly, while their diet counterparts are shrinking pretty quickly. Sales of each were down almost 20 percent in the decade ended last year, according to Euromonitor.But the future of diet colas is particularly cloudy in the United States.Low calorie sodas are fighting an uphill battled against not one but two trends among American consumers. The first is that overall soda consumption has been on the decline since before 2000. Diet sodas, though they might come sugar- and calorie-free, are still sodas, something Americans are proving less and less interested in drinking.The second, and perhaps more significant trend, is a growing mistrust of artificial sweeteners."Consumer's attitudes towards sweeteners have really changed," said Howard Telford, an industry analyst with Euromonitor. "There's a very negative perception about artificial sweeteners. The industry is still trying to get its head around this."Page 2 of 2 - Food and beverage companies, in hopes of quelling growing fears about sugar intake, have invested heavily in sugar substitutes like aspartame.But consumers are proving just as worried about the alternatives as they are about sugar. Studies are abound that show people are becoming more not less wary of sweeteners that aren't straight sucrose. And perhaps with good reason diet soda consumption has recently been linked to the development of belly fat.In response, the American Beverage Association has worked tirelessly to remind people that fears of aspartame and other sugar substitutes are overblown. "Low-calorie sweeteners are some of the most studied and reviewed ingredients in the food supply today," the group said in a 2013 statement. "They are safe and an effective tool in weight loss and weight management, according to decades of scientific research and regulatory agencies around the globe."Neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi responded immediately to requests for comment about this story.Still, the doubts have fed a decline in diet drinks."We are seeing a fundamental shift in consumer habits and behaviors,'' PepsiCo Inc. Chairman Indra Nooyi told investors in 2013.Two years later, that shift has only deepened, furthering the need for the industry to reinvent itself. Soda, once marketed as an everyday staple, is now seen as an occasional treat, especially among younger demographics. More than a third of consumers aged 18 to 36 years old consider the drink a treat, according to market research firm Mintel.And that puts soda's diet counterparts, who are decidedly not indulgent, in an odd place. If people are going to treat themselves to a soda every once in a while, why opt for anything other than the original?"People want the real thing," said Telford, who points to the success of Mexican Coke, which is made with cane sugar and has developed a cult following in the United States.
The current owners of the Mesa Theater building, Two Blond Boys and Mesa Theater and Lounge, leased the theater to Smith in July 2014. Smith stopped paying rent two months later. [url=http://katespadeoutlet.ideas-reaction.com/]kate spade bags[/url] Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, with his noninterventionist leanings on foreign policy and his libertarian views on some social issues, has unique appeal, among Republicans, for younger voters. But can he survive a withering assault from GOP hawks who advocate a more muscular U.S. presence in the world? o [url=http://coachoutlet.442ndrct.com/]coach outlet uk[/url]
fishing the Classic," Swindle recalled. "He's in his 20s and he's dating. He said, 'I can't keep a [url=http://guccioutlet.htcafelincoln.com/]gucci factory outlet[/url] First Watch opened its first restaurant in Tampa Bay in 1996.
h Uml2ZXJzIDEwIHBvaW50cyBhbmQgMTEgcmVib3VuZHMgZm9yIE5lYnJhc2thLCB3aGljaCBmZWxs [url=http://oakleys.johnson-williamsfuneralhome.com/]oakley sunglasses[/url] Malawi has reported 50 deaths and 153 missing, Mozambique 84 fatalities and Madagascar - which has been battered by Tropical Storm Chedza - 13. The overall number of people affected in these countries stands at 638,000 in Malawi (121,000 of whom have been displaced from their homes), 90,000 in Mozambique and 100,000 in Madagascar. k
So, what to do? Instead, you might want to consider a to make your current home more practical. [url=http://katespadeoutlet.ideas-reaction.com/]kate spade outlet[/url] Share [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.4bollywoodlovers.com/]michael kors outlet[/url]
aXRlcnMgbG9jYWxseSB0aGFuIG1vc3QgdGVhbXMgaGF2ZSBuYXRpb25hbGx5LiBJdCYjODIxNztz 锘縖url=http://coachoutlet.442ndrct.com/]coach outlet[/url] There appears to be an elephant in the room. Or rather a dragon. Amid the countless meetings, summits and conferences being held around the world to determine the post-2015 development agenda and the future of humanitarian aid, no one is talking much about the growing role of China. Despite accounting for one-fifth of the world's population, Beijing has been little more than a wallflower at the global party. p [url=http://oakleys.johnson-williamsfuneralhome.com/]oakley sunglasses[/url]
I fully intend to continue using tour language as I see fit, while abiding by the guidelines for this newspaper. Notice that I said, Our language, in the plural, which does not imply that I am everybody who speaks English. [url=http://katespadeoutlet.ideas-reaction.com/]kate spade outlet[/url] Ex-Russian spies living undercover as an ordinary American couple are forced into a moral quandary when their handlers ask them to turn one of their children into a Russian asset.That sounds a lot like the basic plot line for this season of FX鈥檚 acclaimed series "The Americans." But it鈥檚 not. The couple in "The Americans," played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, are active spies, and the story is set in the 1980s, making them Soviets, not Russians.It鈥檚 actually the plot line for "Allegiance," NBC鈥檚 new drama starring Hope Davis and Scott Cohen.The similarity might be accidental, but it accents in boldface type how the traditional broadcast networks 鈥?ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and the CW 鈥?are striving to recapture the applause and cachet that cable channels have snatched from them by producing most of the dramas that win awards and stir social media.Several new network shows bear the identifying marks we associate with high-end cable dramas: sophisticated themes, serial storylines and seasons much briefer than the network standard of 22 episodes.They have a tough task. Past attempts to "cable-ize" their lineups haven鈥檛 gone well for the big networks, and this round isn鈥檛 starting well, either. But changing their series culture is important to the broadcasters, not just to win awards but to help them compete in the future.The entrants:鈥?"Allegiance," which airs at 10 p.m. as part of NBC鈥檚 revamped Thursday lineup, bears more than a passing resemblance to "The Americans" when we look at log lines, but it is more of a thriller than its cable counterpart, which is more focused on family relationships. Based on an Israeli series called "The Gordin Cell," "Allegiance" plans a 13-episode first season.鈥?"The Slap" is a 10-episode limited series, based on an Australian miniseries of the same name. A man slaps someone else鈥檚 child at a gathering of friends, setting off a series of repercussions. Each episode centers on a different character from the ensemble cast. "The Slap" airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on NBC.鈥?"American Crime" comes from the word processor of John Ridley, the screenwriter of "12 Years a Slave." The series follows the aftermath of single murder case, focusing not just on the investigation and trial but on the many people touched by the crime. It stars Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton. "American Crime" will square off against "Allegiance" at 10 p.m. Thursdays on ABC, beginning March 5.鈥?"Secrets Lies" is another series revolving around a single murder case 鈥?and another based on an Australian series. Ryan Phillippe stars as the man who found the body of a neighbor boy and comes under the suspicious gaze of the chief investigator, played by Juliette Lewis. The 10-episode first season launches at 9 p.m. March 1 on ABC with a two-hour premiere.鈥?"Odyssey" is a complicated tale of an international military conspiracy that will air at 10 p.m. Sundays on NBC beginning April 5. It stars Anna Friel in a role that is remarkably far from her work in the cult favorite "Pushing Daisies" 鈥?although in both she returns from the dead, in a fashion.Cable dramas鈥?role as the haute couture of television is indisputable. The last time a broadcast network won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series was in 2006, when Fox鈥檚 "24" took the trophy. PBS鈥檚 British import "Downton Abbey" notwithstanding, a broadcast show hasn鈥檛 even been nominated since 2011.Once, the gold standard of television was the formula concocted by 鈥淗ill St. Blues鈥?and perfected by shows like 鈥淣YPD Blue鈥?and 鈥淭he West Wing鈥?鈥?a combination of episodic and serial stories that provided closure each episode but still maintained ongoing, often soap-opera-ish storylines around its main characters.That was the best television had to offer, until 鈥淭he Sopranos鈥?arrived in 1999 to show us a better way. David Chase鈥檚 creation was built around long-form storytelling that made the season, not the episode, the basic unit. This allowed for deeper character studies, more involved plots and a freedom from a template that required resolution in 43 minutes.The broadcast networks clearly have been at a disadvantage for several reasons.Their insistence on longer seasons 鈥?generally 22 episodes 鈥?makes serial storytelling difficult and puts an undeniable creative strain on writers.In her acceptance speech after winning the Emmy for lead actress in a drama, Julianna Margulies praised the writers of her show, 鈥淭he Good Wife,鈥?for producing so many episodes each season. In doing so, she voiced the frustration of many people affiliated with broadcast shows, who feel the workmanship of episodic television has lost its value. 鈥淭he Good Wife鈥?was, along with 鈥淔riday Night Lights,鈥?the last show from commercial broadcast TV to be nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy.Because they broadcast over the air, the big networks are also subject to restrictions on language, violence and nudity that the cable channels don鈥檛 face. That doesn鈥檛 prevent them from doing quality drama 鈥?what show is more proper than 鈥淒ownton Abbey鈥? 鈥?but it does limit the realism and intensity that can be shown in certain genres.Cable channels get large portions of their revenue from the fees cable companies pay to carry them. That means a show with a small but devoted audience can help sell its channel. Four-time Emmy winner 鈥淢ad Men鈥?never has booked a huge audience, but AMC values it heavily.And so far, the broadcasters have found that older formats 鈥?episodic dramas or serials that are more soap opera than 鈥淪opranos鈥?鈥?are the ones that viewers tune to.鈥淣CIS,鈥?a classic episodic crime show, continues to be TV鈥檚 most popular drama. And the breakout hit of the new year, 鈥淓mpire,鈥?is unabashedly an over-the-top melodrama with its roots in 鈥淒allas鈥?and 鈥淒ynasty.鈥滿eanwhile, 鈥淎llegiance鈥?and 鈥淭he Slap鈥?both got off to disappointing starts with the viewers, leaving them more likely to be canceled than to be the models for a new way of handling drama at the networks.For the moment, the drama battle is more about prestige than money. The future, however, is most likely to find the differences between broadcasters and cable channels diminishing as TV delivery moves to the Internet, and issues like customer satisfaction and brand loyalty become more significant than raw ratings.Contact the writer: 714-796-7724 or or @WatcherofTV on Twitter
Then on Sept 25, last year, my op-ed 鈥淚ran鈥檚 agenda consolidates while the Arabs are distracted鈥?showcased the boast of Iranian lawmaker AlirezaZakanito the effect that three Arab capitals (Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut) were now in Iran鈥檚 hands and affiliated to the Iranian Islamic Revolution with Sana鈥檃 well on its way to becoming the fourth. [url=http://guccioutlet.htcafelincoln.com/]http://guccioutlet.htcafelincoln.com[/url] Hall said he couldn't say why the city would approve another funeral home to operate the Woman's Club facility so soon after refusing Frazier's plan. b [url=http://coachoutlet.442ndrct.com/]http://coachoutlet.442ndrct.com[/url]
DEAR ABBY: Every time my new wife and I visit my mom or she visits us, my mother scratches my back, rubs my arm, rests her hand on my inner thigh, tickles me, hugs me or touches me any chance she gets. I don鈥檛 reciprocate or validate the touching, but I don鈥檛 discourage it either. She has been this way for so long that I鈥檝e just gotten used to it. I never noticed how creepy it was until my wife mentioned something. [url=http://toryburchoutlet.503ent.com/]tory burch shoes outlet[/url] Having learned of Ziegler鈥檚 story, the nonprofit Support The Enlisted Project put him in touch with Caliber Collision, which participates in a national program called Recycled Rides.

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015


conducted?...Certainly not! This administration has acted, and continues to [url=http://www.coachpurses.name/]coach purses[/url] Steve Nass a promotion this past election. Not the message we should be sending to our youth! y [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]abercrombie outlet[/url]
The Arkansas Repertory Theatre opens the musical March 6, giving audiences of all ages the chance to relive memories of the catchy songs and magical whimsy of "Mary Poppins" with several surprises along the way. [url=http://www.katespade.name/]kate spade outlet[/url] The Ducks simply tried to pick up the pieces.
How many coupon inserts will we receive in the newspaper on Sunday, March 22? There should be 2 inserts again this weekend including 1 SmartSource and 1 RedPlum. I hope we get the Barilla pasta and Suave body wash coupons listed in the preview! [url=http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi/]michael kors outlet[/url] This dish is great on its own or served with a light salad. o [url=http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi/]www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi[/url]
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j BUT: Big box employers led by Walmart are raising wages while other CEOs say they're competing to retain workers. There's a widely-held expectation that wage growth could pick up in 2015, since wages are usually the last thing to rebound in a recovery. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister[/url] A longtime State Street favorite, Himal Chuli offers a unique menu of Himalayan cuisine. Try the momocha, steamed vegetable dumplings filled with peanut paste, spices and herbs, and the katahar kabob, green jackfruit marinated with spices and saut茅ed with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. The roti, a flatbread, and dal, a mixed-bean soup, make for simple but delicious starters or sides. $$ BOM [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister[/url]
Williams is averaging just 17.4 minutes for the season, but is averaging 25.7 minutes over his past six games. It is possible that, in some ways, being a tweener has made Williams more versatile in the Kings鈥?jumbled rotation. [url=http://www.katespade.name/]kate spade[/url] Cyprus MP s got annoyed from Downer s this phrase and passed resolution in which ''one-sided and detrimental statements and actions'' damaged the image of Downer.Mr Downer said that a peace settlement needed to be reached before ''Greek Cypriots'' ( rather than merely ''Cyprus'') took the European Union's rotating presidency in July. http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name
Arkansas' desire to push the tempo comes in stark contrast to Carolina's second-round opponent, Harvard, which played a more deliberate style. "I think that's going to play a little bit better for us," said freshman Justin Jackson, who led the Tar Heels with 14 points against the Crimson. [url=http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi/]http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi[/url] Sheikha harassed A citizen was not satisfied with harassing a sheikha by phone, and went further by deliberately hitting her car several times. A security source said the sheikha was surprised while in Salmiya by a person following her, but she ignored him so he hit her car several times. She went to Salmiya police station and told them what happened, and gave police his phone number. q [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]abercrombie[/url]
We do not believe that any bacteria entered the system, but we are required to take samples for two days following such an event to prove that no bacteria is present in the system, Mellinger wrote. [url=http://www.coachpurses.name/]coach purses[/url] Turkey also has trouble understanding why the EU last week granted visa-free travel to citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, three countries of the former Yugoslavia that have not started entry talks, Davuto臒lu said. Such treatment smacks of a double standard, he added. There is no excuse not to give Turkish citizens this right.
5 Be nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. [url=http://www.coachpurses.name/]coach purses[/url] Wiping the boards clean:Marquette won the rebounding battle (44-40) for the first time since Jan. 21 at St. John's marking the fourth time that has happened in conference play this season.
The world's youngest billionaire was 24-year-old Evan Spiegel, the CEO and co-founder of mobile messaging company Snapchat, with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Snapchat's other co-founder, 25-year-old Bobby Murphy, had the same net worth as Spiegel. Other tech billionaire newcomers were two co-founders of taxi-ordering app Uber and one of its executives. Three co-founders of Airbnb, the vacation-home rental website, also made the list. [url=http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name/]www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name[/url] or call .
Extra layer of insight [url=http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name/]toms shoes outlet online[/url] . Could there really be an app for that? I clicked on a pretty orange ad early in 2014 for an app designed to create a habit of gratitude. The truth is, I don't use the app daily as I did early on. I'm not sure my iPhone is the right device for mindfulness, and yet, after nearly a year of occasional use, I do think about what I'm grateful for more often.
m It's a short drive, but once you arrive, Gatlinburg feels a world away. Enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains as well as activities galore. [url=http://www.hollisterco.eu.com/]hollister co[/url] SPREAD THE JOY
A fraud alert is a red flag that tells potential creditors you might be a victim of identity theft and they should take additional steps to verify your identity. It generally won鈥檛 prevent you from getting credit if you can prove your identity. But there is no guarantee that lenders will see or heed the alert, says Evan Hendricks, president of Privacy Times. [url=http://www.michaelkorshandbags.mobi/]michael kors outlet online[/url] Through: April 19Where: City Lights Theater, 529 S. Second St., San JoseRunning time: 2 hours, 30 minutes, one intermissionTickets: $17-$32, 408-295-4200, s [url=http://www.hollisterco.eu.com/]hollister[/url]
"We have never had them in Alabama so this is really quite the occasion. I don't think they've ever been close enough for people to drive to hear. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," she said. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister clothing[/url] Schell comes home to Richmond at least twice a year for reunion luncheons with classmates from high school days, but it will the first time in 12 years he has performed there.
b The Ebola outbreak, ravaging primarily Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, is one year old today. According to one official count, it's infected 24,000 people and killed 10,000. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister clothing[/url] * Using opioids with other high-risk medications, like muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety medications that increase euphoria h
* Potentially libelous statements or damaging innuendo. [url=http://www.coachpurses.name/]coach purses[/url] 4) Eat healthy Eat more fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners and sugar, preservatives/hormones, processed meats, and refined foods. Use natural sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol to cut calories and promote health. [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister clothing[/url]
$day = createDay(day, settings, isSelectedDay, isDayInMonth); [url=http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name/]toms shoes outlet online[/url] Perhaps the authorities wouldn t exclude reconciliation in a year or two, but on their own terms, with the Brotherhood accepting the legitimacy of the new regime. The priority these days is holding presidential elections and strengthening the new regime, said the ICG s el Amrani. z [url=http://www.hollisterclothing.name/]hollister co[/url]
SEOUL鈥擟hina, Japan and South Korea on Saturday agreed to hold a three-way summit at 鈥渢he earliest convenient time,鈥?marking a thaw in relations that had been chilled by lingering disputes over wartime history and territory. [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.mobi/]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url] Since the United States held the world cup in 1994, there has been an increase in the number of people who play soccer in this country. The United States hosted the World Cup under FIFA鈥檚 own conditions. One of the many requirements was to establish the Major League Soccer, MLS in the United States. As a result, the MLS is now helping not only with the development of soccer as a mainstream sport in the country, but also has been the lighting road to thousands of Latinos that dream of playing professional soccer.
After Danny makes promises to Albanian heroin dealers that he can鈥檛 follow through on, he panics and kills them, only their limo driver (guess who) witnesses it. When Danny pursues Mike, Jimmy is there to shoot him. The seriousness of the situation is immediately apparent: Jimmy has just killed the son of his one true friend, who鈥檒l surely murder him for it. He picks up the phone to confess. [url=http://www.hollisterco.eu.com/]hollister clothing[/url] The struggle is part of the central metaphor of To Pimp a Butterfly, a play on the title of Harper Lee s classic novel of racial injustice, To Kill a Mockingbird. q [url=http://www.hollisterco.eu.com/]hollister clothing[/url]
The complaint, which seeks class-action status, was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. It lists as defendants 28 California wineries. It also asks for unspecified damages and a halt to production of arsenic-tainted wine. [url=http://www.tomsshoesoutletonline.name/]toms shoes outlet online[/url] Back on the boat, I practiced pronouncing it 鈥?HOO-moo-HOO-moo-NOO-koo-NOO-koo-AH-poo-AH-ah.

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015


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This has caused your IP Address to be flagged as a possible bot, spider, crawler, spyware, or some other malware. [url=http://www.toryburch.us.org/]tory burch outlet online[/url] They predicted no let up in the freezing snap until at least mid-January, with snow, ice and severe frosts dominating.
dCBhIGZ1bGwgc2Nob2xhcnNoaXAsIHdoaWNoIEFzaGxhbmQgY291bGQgbm90IHByb3ZpZGUuPC9w [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.me/]http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.me[/url] "I think we need to be concerned. He's hit a bump in the road, so I'm a little concerned," Bochy said. "We've got Hunter down, we'd like to get (Pagan) out there as much as we can, and I don't know how much he's going to be able to." g [url=http://www.michaelkorsbags.in.net/]michael kors bags[/url]
GROUNDSKEEPER OF THE YEAR:Ray Sayre, Pensacola [url=http://www.tomsoutlet.us.org/]toms shoes outlet[/url] Council was set to appoint a committee during its special meeting on Jan. 21.
d The Carlyle Group's enthusiasm about energy is telling given that the firm took a substantial hit to profits at the end of 2014 due to the sharp decline in oil and energy assets. [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.mobi/]louis vuitton bags[/url] For others, the combination of a Muslim culture and a modern approach is what makes Turkish aid so innovative and popular among beneficiaries. [url=http://www.coachoutlet.cc/]www.coachoutlet.cc[/url]
Don鈥檛 rely solely on your Form 1099s [url=http://www.coachhandbags.us.org/]coach handbags[/url] On July 4, 1944, he was on a mission to destroy a bridge when his plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire. While nearly destroyed, the plane was able to make it back to his base in England, where he was sidelined for a time with injuries. Manor still carries shrapnel in his leg and arm from that attack. http://www.louis-vuitton.eu.com
BACKGROUNDER [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.me/]michael kors outlet online[/url] Wolf told Harlan that if he liked what he saw, he was going to trade for that player. Just one thing: Harlan wasn't sure who the Falcons' backup quarterback was. t [url=http://www.toryburchoutletonline.us.org/]tory burch shoes outlet[/url]
See more news from Hoover at [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.us.org/]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Contact the writer: 714-796-7949 or
Advertisement [url=http://www.michaelkors.co.com/]michael kors[/url] I think we did a good job of takings things away from them, Barneveld coach Jim Myers said. His team will face Wisconsin Rapids Assumption in the championship game at 11:05 a.m. Saturday.
"The burden is to make it cool with textiles and the silhouette rather than embellishment," Vosper says. [url=http://www.truereligion.com.co/]true religion jeans outlet[/url] Apollo needs hundreds of drivers in the spring, but by summer they鈥檙e starting to rent them out.
Hannes Reichelt of Austria claimed the gold medal and Dustin Cook of Canada the silver, 0.11 seconds behind. Adrien Theaux of France took bronze, 0.24 seconds back. They raced after Miller, but he was faster than them at the first two intermediate timings. [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenoutletonline.in.net/]polo ralph lauren outlet online[/url] ey/mw
q If you are a legitimate user and feel that you have reached this page in error, please complete the form below. [url=http://www.toms.in.net/]toms[/url] The Yreka High Miners boys tennis team has exceeded expectations by beginning Northern Athletic League play at 3-0.Yreka is without their No. 1 player from last year, Ryan Andrus, who is currently finishing high school and playing club tennis in Redding.The squad currently has only six team members, just enough to field the six singles and three doubles matches. And, in two out of three NAL matches, the squad has had to forfeit due to being short a player. No. 6 singles playerJosh MacAdam s missed all three NAL matches and will miss this week s two matches because he is in the cast of the Yreka High production of the musical, The King and I. The team is also fairly young, with only one senior and one junior on the squad. They are three sophomores and a freshman on the team.No. 1 singles player, senior Caleb Lawson, said the team was unsure how they would fare heading into the season with all changes this year and being a small, short-handed squad. With the team in first place in the NAL, the squad knows if they continue to play well they could earn a league title this year, Lawson said. It gives us a lot of confidence, he said about the 3-0 NAL start. We re mentally prepared and focused. Second-year head coach Mark Richert said the group has truly come together as a team and believes they can win league this year. We stepped it up and have really been working as a team, he said. Richert said the squads mental toughness and not giving up has been impressive.Last week against Anderson, they were already down two sets to none before they even stepped onto the court since they only had five players available.And, in three of their games, the squad lost the first set in singles play. But, Richert said, the team battled back to win in three sets in all those contests and downed Anderson on the road 6-3. They didn t fall apart and came back, he saidToday, the Miners face fellow Siskiyou County squad Etna at home in a non-league match. The contest begins at 3:30 p.m. at the high school tennis courts.The two squads met earlier in the season on March. 10 in Etna, with the Miners earning a4-3 win. Yreka is at West Valley on Thursday.Last year, Yreka won the NAL title with a 7-1 mark and made it to the Northern Section team playoffs.Richert believes that his team can win the NAL again this season and earn another Section berth.Page 2 of 2 - Members of this year's squad are Caleb Lawson, Tad Weed, Jake Turner, Chris Crowe, Casey Hill and Josh MacAdams. The assistant coach for the Miners is Amy Andrus.
Then, just before 3 p.m. the next day, in a quiet cul-de-sac on the south end of town, police found , a pottery teacher who'd recently moved to Longmont and was expecting a baby in May, beaten and bloodied in a downstairs bedroom of a home she'd never been to before. Three hours prior to their arrival, they say, the homeowner had stabbed Wilkins and expertly "removed" a 34-week-old baby girl from her stomach, using a standard kitchen knife. [url=http://www.coach.black/]coach[/url] Article published on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 i [url=http://www.louboutin.in.net/]louboutin[/url]
* Personal attacks, insults or threats. [url=http://www.coach.black/]coach outlet[/url] 聯I started at the Ridgecrest Boys & Girls Club with personal issues I had been dealing with for many months,聰 she said in a press release from the club. 聯Other than my immediate family, the club has helped me recover from what I was going through. My Boys & Girls Club has helped me overcome my struggles in school such as low grades, my work ethic and my overall attitude by providing me with the moral support and encouragement to stay motivated and achieve my goals.聰
o By Paul Francis X. Fernandes Arab Times Staff [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenoutletonline.in.net/]http://www.poloralphlaurenoutletonline.in.net[/url] The point the prime minister seems to be deliberately ignoring is that the wartime statement is not concerned with any other point in history except for the duration during WWII when Japan utterly brutalized its neighbors. u
Williams closed his remarks to the committee with a reference to one of his father's most famous songs. [url=http://www.toryburchoutletonline.us.org/]tory burch outlet online[/url] North Cyprus foreign Minister reminded Greek Cypriot Administration to respect the status of UN Controlled Buffer Zone to avoid tension between two. A written statement was given to Greek Administrators that Greek farmers are trying to illegally enter through the Bostanc谋 crossing point to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. [url=http://www.coachoutlet.us.org/]coach factory[/url]
On Friday, Fairfax Media received a request from a journalist in the Philippines to remove quotes from one of Scully's victims attributed tothe Manila-based news siteRappler and reported by Fairfax Media on March 1. The reporter said he was writing on behalf of 60 Minutes,which had flown in a TV crew for an exclusive interview with the victim and perpetrator . [url=http://www.ralph-lauren.eu.com/]polo ralph lauren men[/url] Normand says White is hospitalized with gunshot wounds and is currently "unconscious." v [url=http://www.coachfactory.us.org/]coach factory outlet[/url]
* Obscene, explicit, or racist language. [url=http://www.lv.net.co/]lv[/url] With the loss, the Kings fell out of playoff position, as Winnipeg passed them for the second wild-card spot in the Western Conference.
Equally impactful on the burgeoning hip-hop and dance music movements, the 808 quickly became something like its own standalone instrument, one that proved immensely 鈥渉ackable鈥?by imaginative producers. Rick Rubin boosted the 808鈥檚 kick to obscene levels for T La Rock鈥檚 鈥淚t鈥檚 Yours,鈥?helping to mint the speaker-shattering thump that still underlies much pop music today. [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.co.com/]michael kors outlet online[/url] The man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. g [url=http://www.af.net.co/]abercrombie and fitch[/url]
The twins live in the rent-controlled apartment they inherited from their mother, a Dr. Ruth-like advice columnist who was known for dispensing frank, no-nonsense sexual advice to the lovelorn during the height of the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s. Their mother's archives, a treasure trove of cultural history that Edith plans to donate to the Smithsonian Museum, are stored in the row house basement. Their landlady, Vida, who lives upstairs, is a middle-aged Shakespearean actress who has made the mistake of starring in a commercial for the first female sexual enhancement drug. Now, because of the reputation she has garnered from the advertisement, she can't get a serious acting job to save her life. [url=http://www.toryburchoutletonline.us.org/]tory burch outlet online[/url] The main emphasis of meetings will be on the financial situation ofEuropean Unions and the Euro zones.

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015


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Their catch mixes in with other fish at numerous sites in Thailand, including processing plants. U.S. Customs records show that several of those Thai factories ship to America. They also ship to Europe and Asia, but the AP traced shipments to the U.S., where trade records are public. [url=http://www.abercrombie.us.org/]abercrombie and fitch[/url] 3 Don鈥檛 threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.
Southern Utah (2-7, 2-3) at Sacramento State (4-5, 1-4): Not much is on the line in this one, but it could be a game of big yards and big points. In conference games, Sac State QB Garrett Safron is averaging 355 passing yards per game, while SUU鈥檚 Ammon Olsen is at 337.6. Each team鈥檚 defense is ranked near the bottom of the conference. SUU DE James Cowser, with 9陆 sacks and 21陆 tackles for loss, remains in the running for the league鈥檚 defensive player of the year award. [url=http://www.toryburchoutletonline.us.org/]tory burch outlet online[/url] "Officer Jackson was not about to let the victim live in fear because the landlord refused to help," according to the Richmond police Facebook page. "Instead, Officer Jackson turned into a community handyman and started working on the locks of all the doors of the house. Officer Jackson even enlisted the assistance of the victim's young son to help hold the police flashlight." k [url=http://www.coach.black/]coach outlet online[/url]
5th Inning [url=http://www.oakley.us.org/]oakley[/url] "I saw this guy with a black mask on point a gun at him," said Joel Amaya, 32, of Santa Clara about the 7-Eleven clerk. "He was shaking the gun," he said of the alleged robber, "and then he shot and I saw the guy (clerk) fall back. I didn't see any blood."
b Secondly, they have to pay you the three months salary according to what you are receiving 鈥?including all the allowances 鈥?and not according to what is mentioned on the work permit. [url=http://www.tomsoutlet.us.org/]http://www.tomsoutlet.us.org[/url] It is not that the government does not pay attention to water parliament has ratified more than 51 water acts, and over 40 public agencies are actively working on water. But the lack of central administration to monitor and coordinate efforts can create chaos, rendering good policies moot. [url=http://www.ralph-lauren.eu.com/]ralph lauren[/url]
Wanamaker worked in conjunction with representatives from National Flood Insurance Program in order to get Pinal County the valued CRS rating. He said it became a job that meant looking at the past as well as planning for the future when it came to reviewing and issuing building permits. All permits given to a person in a flood plain had to meet the minimum requirements set forth by the National Flood Insurance Program. [url=http://www.abercrombie.us.org/]abercrombie[/url] 3 Don鈥檛 threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. http://www.abercrombiekids.us.com
[url=http://www.moncleroutlet.us.org/]moncler jackets[/url] Brookfield East 1, Milwaukee Pius 0: Lauren Knudsen scored the game's lone goal at 46 minutes. k [url=http://www.coachoutlet.co.com/]coach outlet[/url]
I wouldn't be caught dead at a Mardi Gras parade without? "Some bling." [url=http://www.moncleroutlet.us.org/]www.moncleroutlet.us.org[/url] I always loved Minnie Minoso.The Cuban immigrant who was the ninth black player in the major leagues and the first in Chicago died Sunday. He was somewhere around 90. Because of his background, no one is sure exactly how old he really was. His name wasn t even Minnie or Minoso for that matter.He was born Saturnino Orestes Arrieta. However, early in his baseball career, he was mistaken for his older half brother whose last name was Minoso, and he was basically given the name Minnie by sports writers just for the alliterative properties. He didn t care what you called him as long as he was in the lineup.Minoso played for years. He would have played for more. I m ready to play, Minoso once said. I was born ready, and I m going to die ready. He didn t say that as a 25-year-old getting ready for the second game of a summertime doubleheader. That quote came when he was 65 and wanted to play in the final home stand at Comiskey Park on the Windy City s south side.Minoso s career with the White Sox began in 1951. As a black player at that time, life wasn t easy. Minoso made his stay in Chicago a little easier by getting off to a good start with his team s fans.Minoso hit a home run in his first Chicago at bat. That is a rare feat no matter the color of your skin. But for a black player in 1951, it is even more important.He would go on to hit 181 more home runs by the end of the main part of his career in 1964.Minoso batted almost .300 for his career. It would have been better if he had gone out on top instead of lingering the final three years of his career.But beyond a bad end to a stellar career, Minoso was more than happy to come back as a sideshow. In 1976, he suited up again for two games. In his first at bat in the second game, the 51-year-old Minoso became the oldest man to get a hit in the major leagues in the modern era.That short stint with the Sox also allowed Minoso to play in four different decades. He was set to play again in 1990, but having a 65-year-old running around in the outfield just didn t seem right to the other pro baseball players, so his appearance was canceled.But the stat that always caught my attention with Minoso and the reason I invested a silly amount of money in one of his 1964 baseball cards was not his ability to hit, but his ability to get hit.Page 2 of 2 - He had 182 homeruns as a pro. He was hit by a pitch 192 times.I love that.His stance invited pitchers to throw inside to keep him off the plate. The color of his skin didn t dissuade opposing pitchers from taking a shot at him either.The best thing about that stat is that when Minoso played, players didn t wear all the padding they do now. They didn t even wear helmets.But he didn t care. Baseball was his first love and he gave everything to it. I have baseball in my blood, Minoso said. Baseball is all I ve ever wanted to do. Despite his great career in baseball, Minoso is known more for his love of the game and how much others loved him.That is true success whether or not he is ever elected to the Hall of Fame.Kent Bush is publisher of Shawnee (Oklahoma) News-Star and can be reached at kent.bush@news-star.com.
Animal rescue organizations, many appearing with adoptable pets, take over Beach Boulevard to raise money and awareness for their causes. Additionally, animal-related vendors, artists and crafters offer their wares to festival-goers. Pet-related activities will include a pet parade with domestic and adoptable pets, pet care education, pet services, a pet food and supplies drive, animal rescue groups, free samples, training demos, Canine Massage, food, music and games. [url=http://www.louis-vuitton.eu.com/]louis vuitton bags[/url] Main Stage
------ [url=http://www.louis-vuitton.eu.com/]louis vuitton bags[/url] The Communication and Works Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos stated that Cyprus is all set to ask for additional money from EU funds to complete development projects. In a press conference Mitsopoulos stated that government is having talks with other international lenders to provide money to invest in large scale development projects.He accepted that Cyprus is in tough phase due to economic crisis and bailout program and government will ask for help to EU. Cyprus authorities had an agreement with Eurogroup on March 25 on future macro economics and adjustments program me of 10 billion euro. Under this programme there is the clue of downsizing of public sector and privatization.Cyprus was excluded from international markets and applied for help in June 2012
File photo Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenoutletonline.in.net/]ralph lauren outlet[/url] The Dravidar Kazhagam s decision to hold a thaali -removing celebration (
b "At the end of the day, I just want to win," Madison said. "It doesn't matter whether it's me not playing or me taking less shots. I just try to do whatever the team needs me to do to put us in that position to get to the next game." [url=http://www.coachoutlet.cc/]coach outlet[/url] View the discussion thread.
Locally, Latinos who now call themselves Evang licos say there are several reasons they're happier at their new churches: being able to participate in spiritual practices, gatherings and festivities that connect to the cultural traditions of their home countries; hearing messages of hope that help them rise above hardships; and finding ways to become leaders as immigrants in a new land. [url=http://www.michaelkorsbags.in.net/]michael kors bags[/url] The Broncos posted 13-3, 13-3 and 12-4 records the past three regular seasons, yet in part because those years did not culminate with the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy, the team turned over the top end of its coaching staff with John Fox, Jack Del Rio, Adam Gase and Jeff Rodgers exiting and Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Rick Dennison and Joe DeCamillis stepping in. d [url=http://www.coachoutlet.co.com/]coach outlet[/url]
UAB jumped on the Rebels early again in game two, plating two runs in the first off back-to-back RBI singles from Mims and Esteban Tresgallo. [url=http://www.coachoutlet.co.com/]coach outlet[/url] Van Dyken-Rouen will likely remain in ICU for at least several days.
q The CFA Institute Research Challenge, an educational competition for university students, offers participants the opportunity to assume the role of investment research analysts and subsequently develop and present an equity research report, which was based this year on the Zain Group. Student teams compete on a global basis with peers from top business schools. [url=http://www.hollister.in.net/]hollister clothing store[/url] In an unusual victory for a defendant, federal prosecutors failed to convince a judge that a former highflying Wisconsin pro sports agent who is awaiting trial on charges of fraud should be locked up based on allegations of new financial crimes. o
In the study, Pew researchers say 39 percent of聽adults on social media sites see acts of generosity by other users of the sites聽they visit, while only 5percent of visitors answering the same聽survey question聽reporting that they 鈥渘ever see generosity鈥?on sites they visit. [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.us.org/]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Larnaca, the largest international airport of Greek Cypriot celebrates its second year anniversary. [url=http://www.coachfactory.us.org/]www.coachfactory.us.org[/url]
Supercar manufacturer says Pagani Zonda F that crashed in... [url=http://www.michaelkors.co.com/]www.michaelkors.co.com[/url] Has complete texts of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories and large digital images of the 19th-century illustrations, including those by Sidney Paget and D.H. Friston, who did the art work for Beeton's Christmas Annual 1887. s [url=http://www.ralph-lauren.eu.com/]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
Bobby Wyatt enters his senior season at Alabama. He is one of four Crimson Tide golfers named to the Ben Hogan Award Watch List. This is the second consecutive season Wyatt has eazrned a spot on the watch list. (Birmingham News file photo) [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.mobi/]louis vuitton handbags[/url] Back to the four-course repast, with some excellent wines鈥he ahi tuna and hamachi first course tickled the taste buds, as did the baby vegetable salad with burrata crostini second course, while the 鈥淏eef Two Ways鈥?entr茅e with braised short ribs and petite filet was done to perfection. The 鈥淐hocolate Delight鈥?buffet in the foyer lounge took my breath away. There were 16 chocolate desserts! Suffice it to say, there were many trips to the buffet! Guests had the option of satisfying their sweet tooth, dancing to Boogie Nights鈥?鈥?0s fare or sashaying over to the photo booth, provided by Patron Tequila, for a fun memento. Many did all three. It was that kind of night.
鈥淪hedding Skin鈥?[url=http://www.michaelkorsbags.in.net/]michael kors bags[/url] LIESL: Now 72, Charmian Carr played the eldest von Trapp daughter and has published two books about her experience making the film: Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl. She maintains a website (charmiancarr.com) where she sells the custom furniture she designs, as well as autographed photos from her Sound of Music days. She lives in Southern California and regularly sees her Sound of Music sisters. i [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitch.us.org/]abercrombie and fitch[/url]
As a senior, had 46 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 2 interceptions for the Tigers. [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenoutletonline.in.net/]polo ralph lauren[/url] Many people, including retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray, believe the costly war on what they consider a relatively benign plant is a colossal waste of money and pointlessly wrecks people's lives.

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015


WM: Alaskan Jack鈥檚 wild salmon, 12 oz, $4.00 [url=http://www.coachoutletonline.name/]coach outlet[/url] His three-point shooting, array of post moves and surprising ball-handling skills have made him one of the more difficult matchups in the nation. m [url=http://www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com/]ralph lauren outlet online[/url]
55) Elliot Anderson, Big Lake, Alaska [url=http://www.tomsoutlet.name/]toms outlet[/url] Other examples of resources listed on TheraConnect include housing and employment, and opportunities for continuing education.
A witness who was skiing near the crash site told a French television channel he heard an enormous noise about the time of the disaster. [url=http://www.tomsoutlet.name/]toms outlet online[/url] "Ideas come and go," he said, adding that the preparation is what's important. r [url=http://www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com/]ralph lauren outlet[/url]
Aunque ning煤n contribuyente es inmune al fraude en la declaraci贸n de impuestos, es importante que se informe sobre lo que puede hacer para prevenirlo. Visite (Centro de informaci贸n sobre fraudes) de H R Block para m谩s detalles sobre la protecci贸n contra el robo de identidad en la declaraci贸n de impuestos. [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]tory burch outlet[/url] The story has been corrected to add the correct Facebook contact information for Bona Vida Growers,
e Wheeler and Rachel Hollivay each scored 12 points to lead Rutgers, which could not overcome a first half in which it shot 31.0 percent and had 11 turnovers. [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org/]louis vuitton handbags[/url] Coburn says that concern is premature. "I don t think the sky is falling," he said. "States aren t going to recommend that their veterans go somewhere else." [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]michael kors outlet[/url]
G. Wright Bates [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi[/url] or 949-452-7200 http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org
aW4gaGlzIHRlcm0gQXByaWwgMSBhbmQgbXVzdCBydW4gaW4gdGhlIE5vdmVtYmVyIGdlbmVyYWwg [url=http://www.coachoutletonline.name/]coach outlet[/url] Verona finished 27-3. l [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org/]louis vuitton handbags[/url]
If you are a legitimate user and feel that you have reached this page in error, please complete the form below. [url=http://www.tomsoutlet.name/]toms outlet online[/url] Tustin Ranch Elementary School will hold its fourth annual Memorial Day Celebration Friday at 8:15 a.m. Each year the school pays tribute to veterans from past conflicts, those currently serving in the armed forces and those who gave their lives. This year's keynote speaker will be Lt. Col. Scott Lacy, USMC commander of the 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton. There will also be poetry readings by students who have been selected from a schoolwide competition.
0040-318.256.427, 0040-318.256.129 (Marketing & PR) [url=http://www.coachoutletonline.name/]coach outlet online[/url] Li Xiuxiang is a Naxi folk singer in Lijiang, Yunnan. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]
Chino High School boys soccer coach Joshua Hill felt confident his team would defeat Rialto High Tuesday afternoon in a CIF-Southern Section Division 5 semifinal game as long as his players stuck to the game plan they had discussed the previous couple of days.Mission accomplished, and then some.The Cowboys broke a scoreless tie with two second-half goals nine minutes apart to advance to the school s first championship game in the sport. The 2-0 win over the Knights was achieved in front of about 1,000 people at Rialto High s stadium.Chino (19-6-2) will play No. 4-ranked Santiago High School of Garden Grove at noon today (March 7) in the Division 5 title game at Corona High School, 1150 10th St. in Corona. [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]michael kors outlet online[/url] Even under the new model, Florida鈥檚 unemployment rate remained 5.6 percent in January for the third month in a row.
鈥淲hat we want to do is make sure that our (members鈥? needs are taken care of, and not damage the district,鈥?Harvey said. [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]michael kors outlet[/url] 1 tsp ginger, fresh and grated or powdered
m 聽 [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org/]louis vuitton[/url] 7. Dump the excess pulp onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. It will be wet and clumpy. I use my fingers to break it up and spread it out on the baking sheet so that it dries out easily. Please don锟絫 throw it away锟絫here are an incredible number of uses for pulp.
The Lamar track teams will nex compete in the La Junta Open starting at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, March 27. [url=http://www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com/]ralph lauren outlet[/url] Germanwings flight q [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]http://www.toryburch.name[/url]
"I said, oh, my gosh, there's so much of this that coots are eating. ... Coots love hydrilla. They will even dive to get it. If you're looking for hydrilla beds, you just look for coot." [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]http://www.toryburch.name[/url] Article published on Wednesday, March 18, 2015
g JiM4MjE3O3QgY2FyZSB0aGF0IHNvIG1hbnkgbWVkaWEgb3V0bGV0cyBhcmUgZGlzc2VjdGluZyBC [url=http://www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org/]www.louisvuittonhandbags.us.org[/url] Helping the Needy or Lining Pockets? a
Additionally, several North Alabama designers will provide pieces for the evening. Kohl's will serve as the headlining retailer. [url=http://www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com/]polo ralph lauren[/url] Merkel will also go to the Goethe Institute at the Ledra Palace and Nicosia Mayor Eleni Mavrou will accompany her. [url=http://www.coachoutletonline.name/]coach outlet[/url]
cGxheWVycyBhY2N1c2VkIG9mIGNyaW1lcyByYW5naW5nIGZyb20gc3BvdXNhbCBhYnVzZSB0byBt [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]michael kors outlet[/url] The airport is owned by the city of New Orleans but located in the suburban city of Kenner in Jefferson Parish. The officials praised the work of TSA officials who helped usher passengers away from the unfolding danger, as well as the law enforcement officials providing security and investigating the incident. y [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]tory burch[/url]
Girls Division IV state quarterfinals [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]www.toryburch.name[/url] He added that in short-term, they indented to increase competitive power, decrease dependency on overseas sources, and direct industry towards areas such as training and research development.
This involved the creation of an expert scientific panel, the Independent Expert Scientific Committee (IESC), which assesses the impacts upon water supplies of proposals to drill for CSG and provides advice to governments. [url=http://www.toryburch.name/]www.toryburch.name[/url] The Rhode Island Democrat said Jackson, 50, told him he would be picked up from prison by his wife, Sandra; his two children, Jessica and Jesse III; his father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson; and his mother, Jacqueline Jackson. His family will then take him to the halfway house. t [url=http://www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com/]ralph lauren[/url]
39) Jason Mackey, Wasilla, Alaska [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutlet.mobi/]michael kors outlet[/url] California has been hailed as national leader in implementing Obamacare, having enrolled about 4 million people in Medi-Cal and Covered California since last year.But when it comes to our health insurance exchange for small businesses 鈥?known as SHOP 鈥?the Golden State looks tarnished.Businesses can鈥檛 enroll in SHOP online. Commissions to insurance agents have been delayed by months. Not many businesses qualify for the tax credit that is supposed to lure them in.As a result, only a small percentage of Californians employed by small businesses are getting coverage under the program. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not going super well,鈥?says David Chase, Small Business Majority鈥檚 California director.Q: You write a lot about Covered California鈥檚 individual and family health plans. What about its small business exchange? How is it doing?A: The Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, offers insurance 鈥?the same plans Covered California sells to individuals and families 鈥?to small businesses with up to 50 full-time employees (Next year, that will rise to up to 100 full-time equivalent employees).One of SHOP鈥檚 selling points is that it offers federal tax credits to businesses that have fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees, pay those employees an average annual salary of less than $50,000 and contribute at least 50 percent toward employee premium costs.The tax credits are only available for two consecutive years.So far, just under 2,000 businesses have enrolled, representing about 16,000 employees, according to Covered California鈥檚 James Scullary. (Note: SHOP enrollment runs year-round, unlike the limited open-enrollment period for individuals and families.)Chase estimates there are about 350,000 small businesses in the state that would fit SHOP鈥檚 enrollment criteria.What went wrong?Shortly after the program debuted, the online SHOP portal was taken offline because it wasn鈥檛 working.Since then, the application process has been entirely paper-based. Scullary says that is 鈥渢he preferred enrollment method traditionally used by insurance agents.鈥漀ot according to Steve Bertino, owner of SRB Inc. Insurance Associates in the Sacramento area. 鈥淗ere we are in the 21st century and you can鈥檛 do anything online,鈥?he laments. Bertino says he wants SHOP to work, 鈥渂ut they do need to meet industry standards.鈥滻ndustry standards, he says, also include paying agents their commissions in a timely manner, which Covered California has struggled with. Scullary says the agency will be current on its SHOP commissions by April.California is among a handful of states that don鈥檛 offer online SHOP enrollment, Chase says.Covered California plans to bring SHOP back online in the future, Scullary says, but 鈥渨e do not have a date.鈥漀ot many employers qualify for the tax credits, and if they do, it鈥檚 not enough to make SHOP worth it, says Jason Andrew, owner of Stone Meadow Benefits in Redwood City, an insurance brokerage that works primarily with small businesses.Of the hundreds of businesses he has worked with since SHOP started, only one has met the 鈥渆lusive鈥?tax credit criteria, he says.Unless they qualify for the tax credit, 鈥渢here鈥檚 no compelling reason for small-business owners to go to SHOP on prices, service or technology,鈥?because they have other choices off the exchange at the same price, Andrew says.That was the case with Patti Turner, co-owner of Janak Scurfield Canvas in Sacramento, which manufactures canvas and vinyl products. She already offered health insurance to her eight employees before Obamacare kicked in, but briefly considered switching to SHOP.In the end, she opted to stick with a similar plan from the same health insurer, without SHOP.In part, she says, she wanted to minimize disruption to her employees, who were happy with their existing health coverage. Plus, her business wouldn鈥檛 have qualified for the tax credits, she says.鈥淵ou鈥檙e only going to get the tax credit for a couple of years anyway,鈥?she adds.Julie Tobias-Pancoast, co-owner of panCoast pizza in Walnut Creek, qualified for tax credits through SHOP and enrolled, which allowed her to offer health insurance to her full-time employees for the first time.鈥淚t makes it a more desirable place to work,鈥?she says.She and her husband, as well as two employees, are currently covered. She鈥檚 happy with the plan鈥檚 benefits, but will end up receiving less in tax credits than she expected.鈥淚t鈥檚 a little disillusioning,鈥?Tobias-Pancoast says.When I asked how she felt about the tax credits lasting only two years, she was taken aback. 鈥淗oly mackerel! That鈥檚 it?鈥?she asked.The coming year will be key for SHOP. Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that allows California鈥檚 small businesses to keep pre-Obamacare insurance plans through this year, even if they don鈥檛 comply with the law鈥檚 requirements.But that ends in 2016, so you can bet that thousands of small businesses will be shopping this fall.鈥淵ou can think of the period up until the end of this year as beta testing,鈥?says Micah Weinberg, a health policy expert and president of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.If you鈥檙e a businesses in the market for health insurance, Chase urges you to get help from an insurance broker, which won鈥檛 cost you anything.鈥淒o your homework,鈥?he says, 鈥渁nd look at all of your options.鈥漇end questions for Emily to AskEmily@usc.edu. The CHCF Center for Health Reporting partners with news organizations to cover California health policy. Located at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, it is funded by the nonpartisan California HealthCare Foundation.

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015


Mr Lee had accused Mr Chia of being a member of the Communist Party of Malaya and ordered him to sign a declaration renouncing violence. Mr Chia refused. Twenty-five years later Mr Chia was still incarcerated, by then confined to a small, brick guardhouse on Singapore's Sentosa island where he described Mr Lee's refusal to release him as mental torture. [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com[/url] So many movies, so little time. a [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors outlet store[/url]
58) Hans Gatt, Whitehorse, YT, Canada [url=http://truereligionoutlet.tricivenola.net/]true religion jeans outlet[/url] Online:
d2hvIGlzIGdvaW5nIHRvIHByZXBhcmUgaGlzIGZvb2Q/IEhhcyBhbnlvbmUgaW4gdGhlIGFncmlj [url=http://cheapjordans.simple-et-chic.com/]cheap jordans[/url] MADEIRA BEACH 聳 When a passing motorist recently noticed sparks coming out of the base of the cross on top of Church by the Sea, the call went out. m [url=http://tomsoutlet.siresays.com/]toms outlet[/url]
The Auburn team of brothers Matt and Jordan Lee placed second in the 2012 national championship. went on to win the College Classic Bracket to earn the single college berth to the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. [url=http://cheapjordans.simple-et-chic.com/]cheapjordans.simple-et-chic.com[/url] Weiss noted Goldston's well-known brusque manner, but said it "protected a kind heart animated by the deep desire to see justice done and wrongdoing punished."
y ciBpbmRlcGVuZGVudCBob21lLWNhcmUgcHJvdmlkZXJzLiBUaGUgZ292ZXJub3Igd2FudHMgdG8g [url=http://tomsoutlet.siresays.com/]toms shoes outlet[/url] When I was that age, he said with a smile, I could see myself doing that. [url=http://truereligionoutlet.tricivenola.net/]true religion outlet[/url]
9. Jeff King, Denali Park [url=http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net/]gucci shoes[/url] March 15, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit London at the invitation of his British counterpart Gordon Brown. http://chaneloutlet.statesboropinkpower.com
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聽聽 [url=http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net/]gucci shoes[/url] Facebook has announced new for what s acceptable on its platform. Bullying and sexual content are out, for example, along with selling drugs and guns or promoting self-harm. Violent groups like Islamic State won t find a welcoming home there, either, nor will organized crime.But by the time Facebook figures it out, some damage may already be done.I know that s a somewhat unfair statement, given that it has nearly 1.4 billion active users worldwide and is published in I don t know how many languages. Monitoring all of that would be nearly impossible, and it makes perfect sense to me that Facebook doesn t seek out offensive or harmful material.Who wants Facebook creeping through your posts looking for something to ban, anyway?But I can definitely see that the time lag between figuring out how to report something and the time it might be pulled from the site could be problematic. In an interview with Vindu Goel of , Monika Bickert, the social network s global policy manager, explained the time lag. She said it takes as long as 48 hours to deal with matters of safety. It could take longer to remove other types of posts. That time frame allows the people tasked with monitoring content and making decisions some time to view the material in context, she said.I m all for context and I m not a fan of censorship in general. But I certainly hope that the categories of complaints about material are very clear and prioritized so that individuals know how to report a specific concern and the more serious ones garner the most immediate attention.I also hope that it will now be much easier to figure out how to report something. I bookmarked the new community standards release on my browser this week because it contains an actual way to start the reporting process. If you have ever tried to contact Facebook about anything at all, you know it s nearly impossible to figure out how to do it. It s not like you can just look up a phone number and give the staff a call or even zoom to a single "contact us" page without noodling around for a while to find it.A couple of years ago, my daughter pointed out a vicious post about someone else on her news feed. It featured a really mean photo of a student from her school who clearly had no idea she was being photographed and who was not doing anything wrong but nonetheless clearly had an enemy intent on harming her. The caption was at best brutally unkind and really seemed to qualify as defamatory.Page 2 of 2 - It s the only time I ve ever tried to get content removed from the gargantuan social networking site and I know several people pointed it out to a school counselor. I suspect the school had more of a role in that situation than Facebook did, working directly with the poster s family, although I don t know for sure. Either way, it was up for several days and in teen time, when all the students at your school are seeing a post that is viciously demeaning, that s a very, very long time.Goel reported that Facebook "flip-flopped repeatedly on whether to allow beheading videos on the service" before banning them. I m very surprised that was even a question, particularly since terrorist organizations are not supposed to find a welcome there. To do otherwise would amount to deciding if one had a good beheading organization or a bad one, which is ludicrous.I believe censorship should be infrequent and reserved for egregious issues. But I am very happy that Facebook has clarified what it considers meets that standard. The list and explanation are worth reading and Facebook certainly has a right to decide how its tools and technology may not be used.
get stuck into the regions and then we're off to invade the [url=http://tomsoutlet.siresays.com/]toms outlet online[/url] Miranda Levy
The numbers are listed in sequential order, but any combination wins. [url=http://chaneloutlet.statesboropinkpower.com/]chanel outlet[/url] ANAHEIM 鈥?Ready for some three-on-three hockey? The Ducks say bring it on.
If you prefer something quieter, the Kampa Museum is holding lectures on the interaction between Spanish and Czech modern art every Tuesday this month. The Hispanic art expert Pavel 艩t臎p谩nek will talk about Pablo Picasso in Prague on 10 February, Joan Mir贸 on 17 February and Salvador Dal铆 and Czech Art on 24 February. [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors bags[/url] Wisconsin has succeeded this season with well-rounded contributions from newcomers and veterans. Rookie right winger Annie Pankowski, who has tallied 20 goals and 22 assists for 42 points, leads a balanced Wisconsin offense that boasts five players with 13 or more goals.
w Wright did not play well against Arizona. He was 7 for 19 from the field this season against Arizona (37 percent). By comparison, McConnell averaged 11.5 against the Utes, shooting 62 percent with 11 assists 鈥?and only five turnovers in 70 minutes. [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors outlet online[/url] 21.09.2010
File- This Jan. 3, 2013, file photo shows a Google sign at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP photo) [url=http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net/]http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net[/url] Copyright Tampa Bay Newspapers: All rights reserved. u [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors bags[/url]
(BPT) - Have you made your list and checked it twice? Nearly all Americans have some kind of 鈥済ame plan鈥?in place when shopping for gifts during the holidays, according to . But for many, that plan might not come together until the last minute. If you鈥檙e looking to make the shopping experience faster, easier and more convenient, here are five tips to make this year鈥檚 holiday shopping game plan a winning one. [url=http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net/]http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net[/url] No. 5 Maryland 65, Penn State 34: Brionna Jones scored 11 of her 17 points in the decisive first half, and No. 5 Maryland coasted past visiting Penn State to move one notch closer to completing a perfect Big Ten regular season.
j aXMgb3V0c3RhbmRpbmcgd2l0aCBDb3JleSBLbHViZXIgY29taW5nIG9mZiBhIEN5IFlvdW5nIHll 锘縖url=http://coachoutlet.sierravistamortgage.net/]coach outlet[/url] West Shore owns a 650-mile fuel distribution system within Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Fuel pipelines extend from East Chicago, Ind., around Chicago to Milwaukee and Green Bay. A separate fuel line runs from the Chicago area to Janesville and Madison. j
The Jones family moved to Snowflake in 1963 where Dody has lived ever since. She is a 50-year member of the Order of Eastern Star and a charter member of Northern Arizona Cowbelles, serving as president 1992-1996 and secretary/treasurer from 1996-1998. She is also a member of Arizona State Cowbelles (a national organization of women who support or are involved in the beef cattle industry). Dody is known for her sewing skills, quilting, making scrapbooks and other craft items for Cowbelles, as well as other fundraising activities. She has taken part in many community activities such as blood drives and has served as a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. [url=http://truereligionoutlet.tricivenola.net/]true religion jeans outlet[/url] Share [url=http://cheapjordans.simple-et-chic.com/]cheapjordans.simple-et-chic.com[/url]
[url=http://chaneloutlet.statesboropinkpower.com/]chanel online[/url] Sip vino from Dusted Valley at Johnny Delmonico鈥檚 five-course wine dinner. Winemaker Janet Johnson, who鈥檚 originally from Wisconsin, will be present. Call 257-83-25 for tickets. $75, 6 p.m. r [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors outlet[/url]
(Updated at 1:45 p.m. to change the location of the game.) [url=http://guccioutlet.smalldetails.net/]gucci shoes[/url] Non-profit highlighted: Corazon de Vida, which supports orphanages in Baja California, was featured on a Dec. 23 segment of "Life Connected" segment.
The cobalt positives that now threaten racing in Victoria, Queensland and NSW add further support to the decision internationally not to include Australian horses. [url=http://coachoutlet.sierravistamortgage.net/]coach outlet[/url] teaspoon salt p [url=http://michaelkorsoutlet.theahlis.com/]michael kors outlet online[/url]
4:55 p.m.: Heavy delays remain on both I-65 and U.S. 31. [url=http://tomsoutlet.siresays.com/]toms shoes[/url] Ford鈥檚 Casey Mears has seen plenty of ups and downs in racing, especially in his first season, 2003. His team had five cars, all struggling, 鈥渕issed a couple of races and really came out of that in 2004 winning a couple of races, 2005 winning more than anyone in the series.鈥?

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015


Former German astronaut Ulrich Walter believes there's probably only a 30 per cent chance of Mars One astronauts reaching the planet alive and no more than a 20 per cent probability of them lasting there for more than three months. Professor Andrew Dempster, director of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research, believes - like Jonathan Clarke - that the technology to get people and equipment to Mars exists, but says, There's not much to which we can compare the psychology of a one-way trip. They're not just living together, they're dying together. [url=http://www.jordanshoes.com.co/]cheap jordans[/url] What does it tell us about the politics of a man who has soared to the front tier of the Republican presidential field? l [url=http://www.burberryoutlet.black/]burberry outlet[/url]
Roach played linebacker at Alabama from 2002-05 and has served previously at the Capstone as an assistant strength and conditioning coach from 2008-10. As the Crimson Tide currently has no on-field coaching positions open on Nick Saban's staff, it's likely his new position will be an off-field analyst or administrative position. [url=http://www.burberryoutlet.black/]burberry outlet[/url] 07.01.2009
It's a really big difference from your [average computer] science degree courses, because generally when you are going to them you start doing artificial intelligence [AI]. [url=http://www.abercrombiekids.mobi/]abercrombie kids[/url] The roughly 10-pound wheels have a thin, dry rind with a rosy hue from repeated washings with annatto, a reddish plant-based colorant. b [url=http://www.jordanshoes.com.co/]www.jordanshoes.com.co[/url]
Calls for Florida to follow suit have come from Florida hospitals that will suffer the loss of federal low-income pool funds. UF Health Shands Hospital, for example, gets about $100 million from the low-income pool each year. [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]louis vuitton bags[/url] *PASSWORD
p "The dynamics that have shaped these job proximity patterns across and within metro areas did not emerge by themselves," Kneebone and Holmes wrote (PDF). "Local, regional, and state leaders put them in play (whether purposefully or by default) through policy decisions. To foster growth that is truly regional in its reach and that does not exacerbate inequality or leave low-income and minority residents behind, communities will need to coordinate and collaborate as they plan and implement policy decisions that affect metropolitan development patterns." [url=http://www.coachfactory.black/]coach factory[/url] Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]louis vuitton outlet[/url]
03/24/2015 08:36:12 AM PDT [url=http://www.coachfactory.black/]coach factory[/url] 鈥?Helen Baik http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co
ZXN0IENvdXJzZSBpbiB0aGUgc2Vjb25kIHJvdW5kLjwvcD48cD5Db2V0c2VlIGhhZCB0aHJlZSBz [url=http://www.jordanshoes.com.co/]jordan shoes[/url] Seven people suspected of being involved with the contamination are being held in custody, but it is still not clear which enterprise was the main source of the pollutant. This points to lax oversight by the local environmental protection authorities over the heavy metal producers in Hechi city, where the contamination took place. g [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.mobi/]polo ralph lauren[/url]
Elijah Alvarado (Sr.) 鈥?60 carries, 306 yards, TD [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]louis vuitton[/url] This is one of my very favorite events anywhere, and I am looking forward to being there again this year as a guest announcer. Last year was so much fun, and it was such a great event that I made it a priority on my 鈥渨hat to do and where to go鈥?list for 2014. And, thankfully and probably against their better judgment, Sparky Longley, owner of Rainbow Sandals, and Gerry invited me back. Whew!
The commission took the first step toward making that happen by inviting Marilyn Crotty, a specialist in holding civic strategic planning sessions, to present a proposal at the Nov. 17 commission meeting. Crotty is director of the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida. She has worked with the cities of Gulfport and Oldsmar locally on similar projects. [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.mobi/]ralph lauren outlet[/url] A put-back with 5:40 left ended Bowe's personal drought. A minute later she hit one of two free throws to push Regis' advantage to 46-40.
Coldwell Banker, [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co[/url] Nevertheless, an apt quote or two on the wall on what Warhol thought of his work, or details about what he was working on at the time 鈥?running Interview magazine and doing his better-known celebrity portraits to pay the bills 鈥?would have been welcome and enriching, if somewhat of a break from MOCA鈥檚 philosophy of letting the viewer experience art directly without being tainted by context or opinion.
Associated PressPosted: [url=http://www.coachfactory.black/]coach factory[/url] Read this article in: Concern over unsafe abortions in Papua New GuineaSHAREPhoto: Maternal health is a key challengeBANGKOK, 25 January 2013 (IRIN) - Health experts are concerned about the number of unsafe abortions taking place in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
j 16. Amanda Gecas [url=http://www.abercrombiekids.mobi/]abercrombie kids[/url] Rodella, the group's president, has researched her family as far back as the early 1500s.
League champion Gonzaga swept the major awards. Senior guard Kevin Pangos was Player of the Year and Mark Few was Coach of the year. [url=http://www.coachfactory.black/]coach factory[/url] Can HMB expand its boundary to be coincident with zip code 94019? This would add some 3-5 thousand residents. g [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]louis vuitton outlet online[/url]
Your Trickle Down Economics of make the rich even more rich has been proven a failure by the Republican administration of George W. Bush. If cutting taxes for the rich and increasing taxes on the middle class and the poor was so glorious, why did the republican Bush adminstrtion only create 3.1 million jobs in 8 years as compared with President Obama's 11 million jobs in 6 years. Increasing government revenues and spurring the economic engine can best be accomplished by cutting taxes on the middle class and the poor. When you cut taxes for the few thousand corporate wealthy, the monies get saved or shipped outside the U.S. to tax free countries. When you cut taxes on the 200 million middle and poor class citizens, the revenues get spent on American businesses and more tax revenues are made. That is a fact. [url=http://www.louisvuitton.nom.co/]louis vuitton outlet online[/url] Related
p Economics Minister John Deng (閯ф尟涓? yesterday responded to media inquiries about the profit percentage that listed companies will be required to share. [url=http://www.coachfactory.black/]coach factory[/url] That was the case with the bison mural on the second floor. It was covered up by a vending machine that was moved for the open house. i
South Alabama will return to action Tue., March 24, when it hosts Alabama at 6:30 p.m. at Stanky Field. [url=http://www.jordanshoes.com.co/]jordan shoes[/url] 4C BBQ was approved to reopen the following day. The restaurant had no violations in its most recent inspection. [url=http://www.truereligionoutlet.com.co/]true religion outlet[/url]
鈥淚 am in love with my country, and despite all its limitations I would never want to live elsewhere... I have to bear witness to everything that goes on in my country.鈥?[url=http://www.burberryoutlet.black/]www.burberryoutlet.black[/url] I think one of the most important things is for a team to have that chemistry and know how each other plays, junior guard Jake Showalter said. This year we weren't sure if we'd be used to it, but we ended up playing with each other very well. i [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.mobi/]ralph lauren outlet[/url]
"I remember going to see Allen Iverson when he played down in New Orleans," McCarron said. "Allen Iverson was my favorite player when I was growing up. I stood outside in the garage and waited on him, and he came by and told me, 'No autographs.' I always try to remember that moment and never let younger kids have that moment in their life." [url=http://www.truereligionoutlet.com.co/]true religion outlet[/url] Contact the writer:
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