Facts and news about Vodka

Facts and news about Vodka

December 20,2010

Looking back over the years we see that now more than ever, flavored vodka is becoming very very popular. It comes in many many different varieties of flavors, anything from apple to peach to mint. With the introduction of these flavors, Vodka has now become a rather chique alcohol to drink. Typically these flavored vodkas are served with a little water and some ice, and they also complement some cocktails rather well.

Why is Flavored Vodka so popular
One of the reasons why flavored vodka is so popular is it’s unique position in the market. Drinkers tend to pick one drink, and stick with it. If you are a whiskey drinker or you are a beer drinker you will 90% of the time stick to the same brand of drink you like. Brand loyalty for drinkers is both a curse and a blessing for marketers in the industry. What flavoured vodka offers is something unique, it’s the same brand of product, but now in multiple flavours. Companies like Absolut Vodka offer their customers many flavors , everything from Vanilla to Mango and Black Pepper (New Orleans version). So now customers can be adventurous but still inside the comfortzone of a brand.

Most Popular Flavored Vodkas
Absolut Vodka report that some of their most popular flavors are Citron (a lemon flavor) and quickly climbing the rankings in popularity is Ruby Red (a grapefruit flavor). Also more and more bars are beginning to use flavoured versions in their cockails, this helps to reduce the number of ingredients while making sure that the drink mixes to a nice consistency.

Are flavored Vokas new ?
You will be happy to know that flavored vodkas are over 20 years old. Back in 1986 Absolut introduced a PEPPAR Vodka. It had the flavor of Roasted Jalapenos, Green Tomato and Dried Herbs, it was quite a spicy vodka. This was the first time in over 100 years of distilling that Absolut decided to try a commercial version of a flavored vodka. This has resulted in an explosion in Vodka sales in Europe and the US over the last 20 yeas. What was once a poor person’s drink in Poland is now a well respected choice in Palm Springs.

Absolut Vodka Pride edition
I just came across the following bottle in my local liqour store, and I must say I am impressed. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Gay Pride Flag, you know that one with the rainbows, Absolut has come out with a cool limited bottle design. Back in 1978 Gilbert Baker designed the flag. I picked one up the other day.

No doubt that these bottles will start to be collectors items very soon. I see them on sale on Ebay already ! So if you are into Vodka, or Absolut memorabilia this is one bottle you need to add to your collection,

There is a nicer picture of the bottle available, one from the official promotional ads from Absolut. One other thing about this special pack is that it comes with a nice cocktail book too !

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7 facts about Vodka
Here are a few quick facts about Vodka that we have gathered in our research. At the start I wanted to have a really long list, like about 50 points, but then I realised that people are going to get bored. I cut them now into manageable sizes, and here are the first 7 interesting vodka facts.

Vodka Facts
1.In the 15th century a type of vodka was used for making gunpowder in Sweeden.
2.Vodka is fermented from grain, and is normally colorless.
3.In Russia, the home of vodka, the first uses for the drink was for medical purposes. In Poland it Vodka was sometimes scented and used as aftershaves.
4.The exact origin of where Vodka comes come is contested from the following countries
1.Western Russia
Drinking vodka has been a long time tradition of the Scandinavian countries (Finland/Sweeden/Norway)

5.The main reason why vodka became so popular in Russia was because the spirit never froze in the hard Russian winters. This is due to the high alcoholic content.
6.Today vodka is produced from the following grains
Rye and Wheat is the choice of most vodka manufacturers

7.In the Ukraine they call vodka, horilka, and the word for vodka comes from the Russian word voda, which means water. This is attributed to the water like appearance of vodka
So there you have it in a nutshell, some great vodka facts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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Pernod Ricard Buys Absolut
Interesting news has come this week about the drinks giant Pernod Ricard (www.pernod-ricard.com) . It seems that Pernod has just bought the Absolut Vodka brand. There have been reports from the New York Times, saying that some inside information states that Pernod paid an estimated USD$7 billion for the company. This information comes from “people involved in the deal“. Other know companies that were interested in Absolut Vodka included:

■» Bacardi
■» Diageo
■» Fortune Brands
Absolut Vodka is owned by a Swedish governmental company called Vin & Sprit. Absolut is heralded as the 3rd largest spirit brand behind Smirnoff and Bacardi.

Pernod owns such brands as:

■» Chivas Regal (scotch whisky)
■» Jameson Irish Whiskey
■» Jacob’s Creek (wine)
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Jello Shots
Jello shots are simply made up of water/vodka & jello. The Jello causes the other two ingredients to bind, and the water is there so you don’t get too drunk ! Our jello shot recipe makes about 25 shots worth.

1.6 ounces Jello (large package, about 200 grams) your jello shots will be the color of your jello. We find that green or red ones look the best.
2.15 ounces of water (boiling, about 450ml of water)
3.6 ounces of water (cold, about 200ml of water)
4.10 ounces Vodka (about 300ml of Vodka)
First start to mix the jello powder or jelly mix with the boiling water until the jello is fully dissolved and looks consistent. Now add in your vodka and the cold water. Dispense the liquid as it is cooling into some paper cups or some shot glasses. Place shots in the fridge to cool further for about an hour at least.

What to put your Jello Shots in
Shot glasses can look better, as you can see through them easily. But we bought little disposable plastic cups from Target (see pic) which also works great.

Too Much Vodka
Ever few days/weeks/months, we get the following question : “How much vodka is too much vodka ?“. Or “How much vodka do I need to drink to be drunk?”. And this is like asking “how long is a piece of string”, various factors need to be taken into account when thinking about how much alcohol is recommended. Some of the factors that have an influence on how you react to the amount of Vodka you drink are :

1.Weight (heavier people can drink more alcohol)
2.Sex (men usually can process alcohol faster than women)
3.Age (older people, who have consumed alcohol over a longer period of time, should be able to drink more)
4.Speed (Drinking over a short period of time will have great effect than drinking slowly)
5.Level of Tiredness (It has been proven that, you will become more drunk if you need to catch up on your sleep)
6.Hunger (If you have recently eaten you will take longer to get to get intoxicated with vodka)
So if you are a light female under 20 who likes to drink fast and not eat and sleep, then you should be careful drinking vodka.

How many calories in a shot of Vodka ?
One shot of vodka (1.5 ounces) contains about 90 calories. Typically in a bar you will get the best part of 2 oz . and this would be around 120 calories. Often Vodka has been recommended for people who want to loose weight, because of the low calorific value. When compared to beer, and taking into account the volume and the strength of the alcohol, vodka is a good trade off for the amount of alcohol to calories. Of course if you are serious about loosing weight then you should probably consider holding off on alcohol for the period of your diet.

Source: http://www.brilliantvodka.com/

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