Fine dining in Philippines – Yats Restaurant releases accessment of the wines from 1969 vintage

Yats Wine Cellars specializes in vintage wines that are sought after by wine connoisseurs and smart wine shoppers in Asia. A lot of emphasis is placed on offering not only famous names like Lafite, Latour and Petrus but more so for lesser-known labels such as Cru Bourgeois of Bordeaux, less famous appellations, domains and producers in Burgundy and Rhone.

About vintage 1969 Wine

Wines from the year 1969 vary tremendously across different wine regions in France. For example, 1969 was not a good year in Bordeaux but turned out magnificent wines in Burgundy. Here is a profile of the year 1969 in wine throughout the world’s famous wine regions.

In Bordeaux, 1969 vintage was ruined by rain during the harvest. As a result, the wines lacks body, are diluted and don’t have the composition to withstand the test of time. Of course there are a few remarkable exceptions but these are now hard to find as very few people kept any in their cellars. All but a few were left by the time the hyped-up 1970 vintage was released.

In Italy, the growing season of 1969 was uniformly favorable. A warm summer gave the wines ripeness and good weight. Both Piedmont and Tuscany turned out long-lived wines, some of them still very enjoyable even to this date.

Vintage Champagne from 1969 was outstanding. If kept in good condition, 1969 champagne can last a long time, decades even. 1969 Dom Perignon for example is a real treat today albeit quite pricey for sure.

1969 vintage wine from Burgundy Cote de Beaune

Burgundy is one of the stars of the 1969 vintage, producing some excellent wines with admirable longevity. Many Burgundy 1er Crus and Grand Cru from 1969 vintage are drinking beautifully today and not in a hurry to go anywhere either. Oddly enough, if one look at the weather pattern of 1969, one might not predict an outstanding vintage. For example, September did not provide the dry and hot weather that helps to ripen the grapes. However, the resulting late harvest meant a longer hang-time for the grapes to achieve phenolic ripeness, an attribute that has proven to be more important than sugar ripeness. A lot of the 1969 wines from Burgundy were tannic in youth, gradually mellowing out with age and held together beautifully because if good concentration and excellent balance.

White wines of 1969 will bash a common myth that white wines must be drunk as young as possible for their freshness of fruit flavors. Whereas the myth does contain a lot of truth and in most cases even absolutely correct, 1969 provided us with plenty of examples to show that these statements are over-generalization. 1969 Burgundy white wines are now showing intriguing depth and complexity that can only form with age. Leroy’s 1969 Le Montrachet is a magnificent white wine that shows no age at all. Its scarcity on the market would indicate that most people drank up their 1969 white wines far too quickly. Those who intentionally or unintentionally left some 1969 white Burgundies in their cellars are now enjoying the fruits of their patience or foresight.

All in all, 1969 is not a universally acclaimed success as a vintage, but even for really bad years, there are always good wines produced somewhere out there. Far too often, a year such as 1969 carries a stigma of a bad year when the wines of Bordeaux turn out poorly. Bordeaux’s influence on the minds of wine collectors is immense. When a vintage is poor in Bordeaux, the world thinks of that year to be inferior for every wine region in the world.

The wines of Yats Wine Cellars are designed specifically for this group of matured wine lovers looking for wines that are interesting, not necessarily impressive, and at a fair price that is usually far below those of a comparable big names, and from a matured vintage from 20 years or older. There are over 2000 selections of wine at Yats that fit that description.

A fine collection of 1969 vintage wine is available at Yats in Hong Kong and Philippines. In particular, wine lovers buy 1969 wine from Burgundy at Yats for gifts or to savor with delicate cuisine. For 1969 vintage Burgundy wines, the classic pairing would be game birds like pheasants and quails.

Yats International HK Sales Office,
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While in Clark, one might as well add to the itinerary a visit to the famous Clark Wine Center, the largest wine shop in Philippines which offers over 2000 selections of fine vintage wine from all wine regions, vintages spanning over 50 years covering all price ranges.

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Yats Wine Cellars is generally regarded by Asian and Philippines wine lovers as the best wine supplier of old vintage wines in Asia. The wine selection contains not only famous names and cult wines, but connoisseurs’ favorites and old vintages of lesser known chateuax not found in ordinary wine shops in Asia

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