Organizing Company Picnics to Promote Team-Building


March 27, 2011

There are different ways to create more efficient and functional teams within your company. You can try different team-building activities like company picnics or company outings. This activity is not just a simple day out with your employees. It is a team building plan-and a perfect venue-for your employees to bond with each other and enhance their camaraderie which is very important because increased camaraderie can increase your employees’ productivity. However, the success of each activity is greatly determined by the different activities and discussions organized by the team building event planners.


Thus the question: how can you evaluate team-building companies? How do you choose that ones that are best suitable to respond to your company’s needs? Who has the better programs and more experience? There are different ways to evaluate a certain company to choose which is better. Among the many things that you need to consider are the programs that they organize, the packages that they offer and their capacity to meet your company’s needs. Company outings and picnics is not about finding the best resort or the most sumptuous foods for the participants. It is also about keeping the participants, your employees in this case, interested while promoting their team building skills and bonding.


If you plan to hire a team building company, you need to first present them with one of the challenges that your company experiences and ask them for their advice or suggestions. For example, if you are having problems with a particular section in your company, you can always ask corporate outings planner to create a customized plan and package that will directly focus into the challenge that you mentioned and respond to your needs. There are a lot of event planning companies that are not able to mix fun and work dynamics in their activities. You will be surprised at how much some of them do not know which things or activities are fun for the employees during picnics or outings, while some do not seem to know how to evaluate the inner workings of the corporate world. These companies cannot immediately respond to your needs so stay away.


One of the many reason why these team building companies are not able to understand the dynamics of the business world is because they do not come from the same universe. People behind these team building companies have minimum or no business knowledge that is why they are not able to relate their activities to the requisites of the company. But that is not to say that they cannot organize activities and games. They can, but they are ideal for individual or friends but cannot be utilized to respond to certain ‘corporate’ needs. During the initial stage, if you ask them for a solution for a problem that you stated, then you can easily know if the company is a service provider or an entertainment provider.


Team building cannot take place without the necessary instructive activities that should be provided by people who have business or training expertise. Playing cooperative games is not team building because there are other dynamics involved. To organize the best company outing or picnic for your employees, you need to find a team building events organizer that knows exactly what team building is and the proper techniques to achieve it in a fun, entertaining way.

Clark’s neighbor Angeles City provides nightlife and bars for entertainment.  However, most guests prefer to stay inside Clark Freeport for safety and security reasons.  It is a popular way for Manila residents to spend their weekends with a getaway trip out of town to wine and dine in Clark.


Traffic along the North Expressway NLEX from Manila to Clark is always light and the new Subic Tarlac Clark Expressway ScTex takes visitors straight into Clark Freeport without going through any towns and cities along the way.


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Getting to this fine dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga Philippines

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