Palace refutes House opposition leader statement

MALACANANG refuted Wednesday the claims of House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez that the continuous drop in President Benigno Aquino III’s ratings would affect the chances of the Liberal Party candidates in 2013 elections.
Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said the public’s confidence and trust in the President remain high and his capability in wooing people remains strong.
“If Congressman Suarez will think—I hope he is not persuaded to think that my President, our President’s endorsement power is weak. He’s making a big mistake,” Lacierda said.
“Look at the satisfaction ratings of the President, it’s still high. The approval rating of the President has been very consistently high,” he added.
Suarez warned that Aquino’s ratings should improve after his State of the Nation Address in July or else it will have an impact on the potential senatorial candidates of the ruling Liberal Party, which Aquino chairs.
Several possible senatorial candidates of LP continue to show lackluster performances in popularity surveys during the past months.
Suarez stressed that the President should focus more on the problem in poverty and hunger, especially in Metro Manila believing these were the “main catalysts” for the drop in his ratings.
Also, Lacierda dismissed the statement of San Juan City Representative JV Ejercito, who claimed that the Aquino administration is not focusing on economic issues.
“The numbers of the economy just showed that we are ensuring an inclusive growth—6.4. Our government expenditures had increased,” he said.
Lacierda added the drop in the President’s rating is not a “wake up call” for the administration insisting that the Cabinet men are doing their job well.
“It’s not a wakeup call. We disagree with the statement issued by Congressman JV Ejercito. We are performing what we are required to do,” he said.
“The President has expended a lot of money towards infrastructure buildings, social alleviation programs. There’s Kalahi-CIDSS, there’s CCT (conditional cash transfer), there’s the Universal Healthcare coverage.
The PPP (private public partnership) is going to be rolled out,” he added.
Lacierda maintained that the President is not bothered by the plunge in his ratings, saying that his government will continue to work regardless of the survey result.

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