Planning a Company Party or Corporate Event: The Checklist

Date: December 29, 2010
Resort Hotel Clark Philippines discusses Philippines event venue, company outing planning and organization:
Date: 1st October, 2010 Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines
Planning a Company Party or Corporate Event: The Checklist
1. Determine your purpose. Is this a celebration, a fundraiser, an open house, etc.
2. Select a date. Having two dates in mind works best as you go through the initial steps; you may find you need it!
3. Determine theme for your event. This can be a great way to build excitement for your event.
4. Determine Budget. If not done already, be sure to have this down before finding locations, caterers, printers, etc.
5. Select location. Be sure you visit locations and get written proposals for your event.
6. Interview and hire an Event Planner, if applicable. Get everything in writing!
7. Select your event committees, if needed. Have a team of people to make the workload manageable.
8. Promote your event. Newsletters, brochures, flyers, radio spots, etc.
9. Write up your event’s agenda. Even if this is a company holiday party, it is helpful to have guidelines, games, etc.
10. Find and hire caterer and entertainment. If these are being used and not provided by location.
11. Select menu. This is determined usually by type of event and time of day.
12. Find printer for your event. Invitations, flyers, promotion items, logos for event.
13. Order hold-the-date cards and invitations. Now’s a great time to use that logo for great brand marketing!
14. Select and purchase decorations. Balloons, murals, table covers, party favors. You can even have your logo put on them.
15. Purchase Door Prizes. If having them, incorporate your logo if at all possible.
16. Get hotel room blocks. A great way to save money if you are using a hotel for your event.
17. Obtain audio visual equipment, if needed. Some hotels offer this service if your event is held there.
18. Obtain RSVPs. Most caterers will need a confirmation at least a week prior to your event.
19. Finalize plans for the event. Meet with committee members at least a week in advance to finalize plans.
20. Enjoy your event! You have earned it.. now is the time to enjoy!
Other items to think about when planning your company party or corporate event…
What type of attire will this function require? Formal, Casual, Semi-formal?
Who are your VIPs? Employees, Business Partners, Customers, potential clients?
Will there be out of town guests? If so, be sure to have transportation and hotels lined up.
Company outings are an annual event for most companies in Manila, Cebu, Subic, Pampanga Angeles City and Clark Philippines. Organization and planning of corporate events start with selecting a suitable venue, an event venue that offers safety and accessibility for participants coming from Manila or other cities of Philippines.

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For comments, inquiries and reservations, email or call these numbers:

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Getting to this fine dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga Philippines
How to get to this fine-dining restaurant in Clark Philippines? Once you get to Clark Freeport, go straight until you hit Mimosa. After you enter Mimosa, stay on the left on Mimosa Drive, go past the Holiday Inn and Yats Restaurant (green top, independent 1-storey structure) is on your left. Just past the Yats Restaurant is the London Pub.

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