Riesling has been called the king of white wines

april 08 2011


Riesling Grape

Riesling has been called the king of white wines. This wine traces its origin in the vineyards of Germany unlike most prominent wines who have their roots in France. It is in Germany that Riesling has been grown for centuries and have been made into a sweet white wine. Nowadays, however, Germany no longer monopolizes the distinction of producing quality Riesling wine. Australia has made its mark, although, the type of Riesling produced here is more of a dry wine variety. Riesling is characterized by a highly powerful aroma and are described as being steely or flinty in taste. The wine is light to medium bodied and can be blended into sweet or semi-sweet wine types.

The Riesling is a very old grape. The grape grows well in slate and sandy clay soil. Riesling vineyards in Germany usually ripens around late September and late November. The vines are quite productive with an acre seeing three to six tons of grape production on the average. The vines itself are typically hard-wooded and are more resistant to cold weather that other varieties. Riesling vines yield small, round and soft berries with tender, greenish-yellow skins. The berries hang in compact, winged clusters and often ripen later than other varieties.

Depending on the time the grapes are harvested, Riesling grapes can produce three types of wine, namely dry, half-dry and sweet. When you pick the grapes early you can produce a much fruity wine since at this time, the sugar content of the grapes are still low. As you let the grapes ripen and move the harvesting much later, the resulting wine is far more sweeter. This makes Riesling grapes in Germany’s Mosel and Rhine valleys at an advantage. Due to the cooler climate in these areas, the grapes are able to ripen over an extended growing period.

Although, the lateness of its ripening contributes to the taste and aroma of the wine produced, bunch rot and non-beneficial molds can become a problem especially in instances where there is too much rain or humidity. Bunch rots are fruit-rotting diseases that normally attacks ripening grapes. A variety of fungal or bacterial species usually causes bunch rots. With the right canopy management techniques, bunch rots can be avoided.

Aside from the cool climate, other elements that make quality Riesling include plenty of sun exposure and protection from harsh winds. Aside from wine regions in Germany, other places where production of Riesling has been significant include Asace in France, Finger Lakes in upstate New York, Australia, Austria and Washington.

During harvesting, absolute care is usually observed to prevent crushing or even bruising the outside skin. When making the wine, Riesling grapes do not undergo malolactic fermentation letting it preserve the acidic characteristic of the berries.

Moreover, the fermentation process for Riesling wine involves placing the wine in cooled temperatures of 10°-18°C (50°-65°F). Kindly note that true Riesling wines are also known as Johannisberg Riesling and White Riesling. All other wines that use “Riesling” on their labels are not true Riesling wines and are mere clones thus taste and smell different.



Source: http://www.guideto.com/riesling/riesling-grape/


Wine lover’s choice – Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar – for the most impressive and practical wine list in the Philippines, over 2700 selections, enough to satisfy the most fastidious connoisseurs.  Wine lovers and gourmand foodies from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Malaysia dine at Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar when they visit Philippines and bring home some rare vintage wines too.


An excellent wine list is not just about 1st growth and cult Cabernet but a seemingly unending selection of affordable aged vintage wines that are not available anywhere else, not even in the best wine shops around town.  Yats Restaurant has just that.


Visitors to Clark Philippines and Angeles City no longer suffer from lack of choices for places to eat out or wine and dine.  Clark Philippines reviewed over 50 establishments and came up with three top choices in guide to best restaurant in Clark Freeport


Clark Philippines lists Top Three Restaurants in the Clark Freeport Zone and Angeles City areas of Philippines Pampanga province.  Clark Freeport is a bustling new cosmopolitan city complete with its own Clark International Airport.

Topping the list is the famous fine-dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar located inside Mimosa Leisure Estate of Philippines Clark Freeport.



This restaurant in Pampanga Philippines is highly recommended by food critics and frequent diners in Manila as a place to wine and dine in Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone.  Although it is a famous fine dining restaurant with an award winning 3000-line restaurant wine list, Yats Restaurant is also a popular restaurant for family with children.  Aside from French Mediterranean haute cuisine, this restaurant also serves healthy food and the best vegetarian cuisines in the Philippines.



For comments, inquiries and reservations click on <a href=” http://www.yatsrestaurant.com/booking/index.html”>Click here for inquiry and reservations</a>





(045) 599-5600




Ask for Pedro and Rechel


<a href=”http://www.YatsRestaurant.com”>www. YatsRestaurant.com</a>



Getting to this fine dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga Philippines

How to get to this fine-dining restaurant in Clark Philippines?  Once you get to Clark Freeport, go straight until you hit Mimosa.  After you enter Mimosa, stay on the left on Mimosa Drive, go past the Holiday Inn and Yats Restaurant (green top, independent 1-storey structure) is on your left.  Just past the Yats Restaurant is the London Pub.





Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar

Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn, Mimosa Leisure Estate,

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023


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