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Text Box:   France Burgundy

1999     Auxey-Duresses Blanc, Les Crais, 1er Cru, Alain Gras, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,600
Tiny production of merely 2500 bottles of this wine is made from grapes of 40-year-old vines on clay and limestone soil.  Temperature controlled pneumatic pressing leads to alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in barrels.  The wine is matured in barrels (30% of which are new) for 12 months.   The resulting wine has a nose of almonds and apples.  On the palate, the wine has intense mineral notes, easily mistaken for Chablis sometimes except for a fuller body and a friendlier personality; quite versatile with food even savory dishes.

1987     Auxey-Duresses Blanc, Les Jolies 1er cru,  De Vallière, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,300
Auxey-Duresses is tucked in behind Monthelie (Côte de Beaune), in a fertile valley at the foot of Mont Melian, and surrounded by slopes covered with vines. The appellation produces about one-third white wine to two-thirds red.  Domaine de Valliere is owned by the Roux family who are based in St Aubin. The family’s winemaking heritage stretches back to 1855 and it now owns over 70ha of vineyards, across the Cote d’Or, making it one of the largest independent domaines in Burgundy.

1983     Auxey-Duresses, Les Travleres, De Valliere, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,300
With neither Grand Crus nor prestigious wines, Auxey-Duresses draws its playing card from whites with a beautiful complexity, suppleness and delicacy.   Its suppleness dominates, held together with its discrete acidity   Domaine de Valliere is owned by the Roux family who are based in St Aubin. The family’s winemaking heritage stretches back to 1855 and it now owns over 70ha of vineyards, across the Cote d’Or, making it one of the largest independent domaines in Burgundy.

1992     Batard Montrachet, Grand Cru, Prosper Maufoux, Côte de Beaune
PHP 19,000
Thomas Jefferson regarded the white wines of Montrachet to be the best in the world.  Batard-Montrachet is one of the lords among wines that are powerful and racy, almost tannic (though white wines don’t have tannins).  The harmony of notes of brioche, dried fruit and even spices at the end, the whole in perfect subtlety and nobility, make each tasting a divine moment. It is unsurprising that Alexandre Dumas said of the Grand Cru of MONTRACHET that it “should be drunk kneeling with your head bore”.

2004     Beaujolais Blanc Cogny, Marie-Agnes et Giles Carreau,  Beaujolais
PHP 1,100
Beaujolais white wines are similar to those of Macon Villages and Saint-Veran.  The climate as well as the limestone soils in the north produces wines that have floral notes and stone fruit flavors.  With age, it acquires a slightly honeyed nuttiness.  White wines account for less than 25% of wines from Beaujolais.  They are made from Chardonnay and Aligote grapes although the latter is less prominent and will soon be phased out completely from the blend.

2000     Chablis,  Lamblin & fils, Chablis
PHP 1,900
Set up in the town of Maligny, Lamblin Fils is one of the oldest Domaine in the Chablis region. The first traces of this family on this land date back 1690.  Vinification takes place in stainless steel vats in order to preserve the typical character of Chablis and then to let the mineralogy get its full expression; natural fermentations without any addition of bacteria.   Simplicity is the key to its versatility with food; in fact Chablis village wines are really food-friendly wines, pairing well with fish of course, even he difficult asparagus and believe it or not, mildly spicy Asian and Indian dishes also.

2000     Petit Chablis, Domaine Laroche, Chablis
PHP 1,500
Domaine Laroche produces wines that express the best facets of their terroir, .  To do so, they believe that it is essential to work closely with nature and above all, not to interfere with it.  With a solid network of trusted wine-makers, Maison Laroche follow the whole vine culture process with their suppliers and share their ‘savoir-faire’ with the sole purpose to produce the best fruit that goes into even this modest Petit Chablis.

1999     Chablis Vaillon 1er Cru, Lamblin & fils, Chablis
PHP 2,700
A classic Chablis from a good vintage in Burgundy, 1999, once again bears testament to the age-worthiness of premier cru Burgundian white wine; the pure expression of Chardonnay supported by unique flinty, mineral notes coming from Chablis soil, the wine is a fine accompaniment to grilled or poached fish.

1998     Chablis, Beauregards, 1er Cru, Dom. Grand Roche, Chablis
PHP 3,600
A classic, well-built white wine worthy of the famous appellation, with hallmark mineral notes, still a little tight but with a little airing after uncorking, notes of spice fill the nose.  After the typical sharp attack the wine becomes delicate and charming, an excellent wine with fish or white meat in white sauces.

1997     Chablis, Les Vaillons, 1er Cru, DB Gerard Duplesis, Chablis
PHP 3,600
The complexity of a matured premier cru Chablis is a much sought after quality in a white wine to pair with food of exquisite texture like sushi and certain sashimi, a game where purity is an essential virtue for both sides.   Perhaps this is the reason why vintage Chablis is often the sommelier’s choice when faced with exotic cuisines.

1998     Chassagne Montrachet, Les Morgeot, 1er Cru, Olivier Leflaive, Côte de Beaune
PHP 6,100
It could be its location down the hills or the red soils in its vineyards that gives the Morgeot 1er Cru white wine its body and power.  Its firm structure protects the wine for the long ageing process and clean acidity keeps it fresh.  Shellfish, prows, liver, pork, savory fish and a variety of Asian cuisines can be enjoyed with this sturdy vintage white wine.

1998     Chassagne Montrachet Blanc 1er cru, Louis Latour, Côte de Beaune
PHP 6,100
Premier Cru represents the best of Burgundy wines accessible to many wine lovers when Grand Cru’s are rare and often too expensive for most.  Famed producer Louis Latour turned out yet another clean Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru, now properly aged to bring out notes of honey and pear on the nose, a fleshy texture on the palate, yet mellow enough now to go well with even slightly bigger dishes of pork, seafood and poultry.

1988     Chassagne Montrachet, La Romanée, 1er Cru, Dancer-Lochardet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,900
An ever-so-mildly exotic nose offers up notes of spice, tea, peach and apricot that give way to utterly delicious, round and mouth coating medium weight plus flavors that possess an abundance of dry extract that buffers the moderately firm acidity on the complex and impressively persistent finish. This excellent wine was forward in youth bit seems to have benefited a lot with cellaring.

1998     Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru, Olivier Leflaive, Côte de Beaune
PHP 12,000
Corton-Charlemage is situated north of the town of Beaune and has a complete different geological profile in comparison to the Grand Crus of the Montrachet. The Grand Cru Corton Charlemagne is produced within the villages of Aloxe Corton, Pernand Vergelesses and Ladoix Serrigny. This great terroir got its name from the famous emperor Charlemagne who ordered the plantation of vines in a big part of his domaine which was offered in 775 to the Abby of Saulieu. The wine from this terroir has an impressive complexity, exclusively due to different soils within the three villages. The wines develop mineral and homney tones and need at least 5 years in bottle before they divulge their full potential.

1986     Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru, Rapet Père et Fils, Côte de Beaune
PHP 18,000
A great BURGUNDY white wine from the Pernand – Vergelesses and Aloxe-Corton commune. The vines are 50, 20, 10 and 3 years old. Regular planting enables this domaine to combine the power of the old vines with the finesse of the younger plants.  This large south-west facing vineyard is planted on sand and lime marl on a steep slope. This shallow soil composed of crumbling rock, is fairly light, poor and extremely stony. Corton Charlemagne wines have a flinty character, due to their rocky location.

1983     Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru, Chanson Pere & Fils, Côte de Beaune
PHP 18,000
Maison Chanson Père et Fils is one of the oldest ‘houses’ of Beaune and also one of the larger owners of Beaune premier cru vineyards; no less than 25.3 hectares from only 9 crus – they are large parcels!   Corton Charlemagne goes well with foe grass, lobster, crayfish, fine fish, calf sweetbread, chicken supreme with morel mushrooms and soft cheeses. When the wine is old it can be served as an aperitif.

1979     Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru, Michel Voarick, Côte de Beaune
PHP 13,000
Pierre’s son Michel Voarick (born in 1924) followed in his father’s foots steps and took over his father’s responsibilities at the Hospices de Beaune and became the head of the family’s Domain in 1946.  Now it is Michel’s son Jean-Marc Voarick (born in 1948) who runs the day to day activities at the Domaine.  The Domaine remains small with its parcels in the best appellations and his wines are a clear expression of their respective terroirs.

1974     Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru, Marius Delarche, Pernand, Côte de Beaune
PHP 13,000
At the top of the hill, Corton-Charlemagne is a great white Burgundy wine, one of the best in the region among Montrachet and Meursault. It is said that the French emperor Charlemagne owned this place 1,300 years ago.  Corton-Charlemagne: a grand name for a grand wine. Legend has it that the great emperor himself noted how the snow melted early on the hill of Corton and deduced it would be an excellent spot for grape-growing.

1990     Corton-Vergennes, Grand Cru, Cuvee Chanson, Côte de Beaune
PHP 11,000
The Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru appellation is shared by the two villages Aloxe Corton and Pernand Vergelesses in the Northern part of the Côte de Beaune.  The commune of Aloxe-Corton has the unusual distinction of having over half its area covered in Grand Cru vineyards.  Corton Vergennes is at the opposite of the Corton Charlemagne vineyard. Soil is stony and rock is very near the surface. It is well drained and get overheated easily.

1995     Fixin Blanc, Armelle et Jean-Michel Molin, Côte de Nuits
PHP 3,700
Rarely seen white wine from a appellation that produces mainly red wines mostly consumed by local wine lovers, firm and tightly knit, a good match even for food with not-too-heavy creamy sauces besides the usual seafood and poultry dishes

2010     Mâcon Villages Dane Alix Francois Labet, Mâconnais 
PHP 1,900
François Labet is one of the Burgundy’s pioneers in natural viticulture and the largest vineyard holder in the Clos de Vougeot, with Château de la Tour. He also makes a range of other wines under the Francois Labet label.  François Labet’s hands-on attitude carries through to his own-label wines, made with grapes sourced from small growers with old vines, and lavished with Labet’s kid-glove winemaking treatment. The resulting wines offer a taste of the elegance and finesse of the grand’s vines which established the Labet name generations ago.

2008     Mâcon Villages, Domaine de Rochebin, Mâconnais 
PHP 1,700
In 1921, the Marillier family bought the Domaine de Rochebin and today own and run 35 hectares of vines planted with four Burgundian grape varieties. The vines used to be owned by the abbey of Cluny.  The wines are made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. The limestone subsoil of the Monts du Mâconnais are ideal for growing the Chardonnay grapes.  Dry and easy to drink, lively and charming, this is a fruity wine with a floral scent and a hint of lemon, the Mâcon Villages should be drunk chilled and rather young.   This wine goes very well with a large range of foods including "hors d’oeuvres", fried or grilled fish, sea food, goat’s milk cheese, and poultry.

2010     Meursault, Aegerter, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
One of the most illustrious names in white wine;  nose of toasted almonds and hazelnuts with flowers, butter, honey and citrus fruit added in;  a rich wine, quite fat, a taste of hazelnut; good structure, can improve with many years inside the bottle.  Enjoy this one now with shellfish, prawns in sauce, aromatic food and even liver.

2010     Meursault Les Clous, Aegerter, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,600
One of the most illustrious names in white wine;  nose of toasted almonds and hazelnuts with flowers, butter, honey and citrus fruit added in;  a rich wine, quite fat, a taste of hazelnut; good structure, can improve with many years inside the bottle.  Enjoy this one now with shellfish, prawns in sauce, aromatic food and even liver.

1999     Meursault, Château De Guettes, Francois Parent, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
Meursault is one of those white wines that need considerable ageing to reveal its true qualities.  Matured version like this one from the good Burgundy vintage of 1999, offers a complex bouquet on the nose, smooth, rich flavors and warm texture on the palate, worthy partner to a really good fish, veal or poultry.

1998     Meursault, Château De Guettes, Francois Parent, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
Meursault is one of those white wines that need considerable ageing to reveal its true qualities.  Matured version like this one from the good Burgundy vintage of 1999, offers a complex bouquet on the nose, smooth, rich flavors and warm texture on the palate, worthy partner to a really good fish, veal or poultry.  The 1998 vintage has extraordinary intensity of flavors, rich, concentrated a big white wine

1997     Meursault, Château De Guettes, Francois Parent, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
Meursault is one of those white wines that need considerable ageing to reveal its true qualities.  Matured version like this one from the good Burgundy vintage of 1999, offers a complex bouquet on the nose, smooth, rich flavors and warm texture on the palate, worthy partner to a really good fish, veal or poultry.

1999     Meursault, Les Charmes, 1er Cru, Mikulski, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,400
For a Polish name like Mikulski to gain authenticity in a wine region like Burgundy, steeped in tradition, is no easy feat.  But the wines speak for itself as this full-bodied Meursault 1er Cru Les Charms clearly shows.  Only lightly oaked, this estate-bottled white wine is a delight to drink on its own or with the usual food orders of shellfish, white meat and poultry.

1998     Meursault, Les Perrieres, 1er Cru, Oliver Leflaive, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,500
Olivier Leflaive is one of French Burgundy’s most respected wine producers, offering wines of exceptional quality, consistency and style from village appellations and cru vineyards across the legendary Côte d’Or . While Olivier Leflaive is technically a négociant house, its approach sets it apart from the majority, in that all wines are made from scratch at Olivier Leflaive’s winery in Puligny-Montrachet , rather than bought in as must or pre-made wines like many of its competitors, which allows control over all aspects of the winemaking process. Olivier Leflaive’s lynchpin Franck Grux not only manages relationships with the numerous small grape-growers but makes the wines too. Pure and limpid, Olivier Leflaive ’s wines remain true to their origins, yet exhibit something of Franck Grux’s personal style – at once restrained and flamboyant – that is appreciated the world over.

1996     Meursault, Blagny, 1er Cru, Domaine Joseph Matrot, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,400
Domaine Matrot, a well known estate in Meursault, is particularly keen on organic farming and strict hygiene standards all around the winery.  It is not surprising that the resulting wine is not only rich, intensely flavorful but also clean and crisp from start to finish.  This is a first-class 1er cru Meursault, properly aged for enjoyment with really good fish and other dishes of poultry and white meat even with light sauces.

1994     Meursault, Les Poruzots, 1er Gru, Domaine Leroy, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,600
Meursault, Les Poruzots  is an 11.44-hectare Premier Cru climat in Meursault.  Les Poruzots vineyard faces east from an altitude varying between 230 and 280 meters, and enjoys a soil rich in clay, a site that produces rich and fruity wines that tend to be more intense than subtle and elegant.   Rich enough to stand up to the most potent of cheeses, this wine will also work well with a variety of game, poultry and fish recipes.  The Maison Leroy wines are enormously expensive, but owner Lalou-Bize has complete pride in them. She tastes the range about once a year, and decides what to release, what to keep. Often those released are mature old vintages, swiftly snapped up by collectors.

1992     Meursault, La Goutee d’Or, 1er Cru, François Gaunou, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,900
"Taste of gold" as the name of the climate seems to suggest, the vineyard is situated on slope with the north-eastern exposure.  The wine is dry and fruity, quite fat with aromas of mixed nuts, almonds and vanilla.  Described by the producer as a vin de garde, this wine is for long ageing.  At the domaine’s dinner table, bottles dating from the 50s and 60s are regularly served.  All are reported to be showing "marvelously".

1992     Meursault, Les Vireuils 1er Cru, Bernard Vaudoisey, Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,500
The house of Bernard Vaudoisey is at the top of Volnay. Winegrower family for at least eight generations. Beautiful collection of posters celebrations of St Vincent.  Les “Vireuils” is on the eastern slope of the hill, just behind the village. The soil, primarily composed of white marl also contains a high proportion of limestone, yielding dreamy rich white wine.

1997     Montagny, 1er Cru, Leroy        Côte, Chalonnaise
PHP 5,500
Lalou Bize-Leroy used to visit London in the mid-1980s to present the wines of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, of which her family is part-owner.  Bize-Leroy lives and breathes Burgundian terroir. Until 1988 her main concern was the family négociant business, Maison Leroy, which she still runs.  The Maison Leroy wines are enormously expensive, but she has complete pride in them. She tastes the range about once a year, and decides what to release, what to keep. Often those released are mature old vintages, swiftly snapped up by collectors.

1996     Montagny, 1er Cru, Henri de Nessoncourt, Côte Chalonnaise
PHP 3,400
In the southwest part of the Côte Chalonnaise, far away from Mercury and the northerly Givry, the four villages that encompass the Montagny appellation make some very good wine from the Chardonnay grape.   Montagny is arguably the best village for white wine in the Côte Chalonnaise, as white wine from the red-oriented other villages is usually even less consistent. These examples tend to be lighter than most of their heavily oaked compatriots, with fresh acidity and mineralogy and good yellow fruit.

2008     Pouilly Fuissé, Bouchard, Mâconnais
PHP 3,500
Located in the southern end of Mâconnaise sub-region of Burgundy, the vines are planted in steep slops with soilds of Jurassic Lias limestone cuestas, enjoying exposure of south to east.  This 100% Chardonnay white wine was vinified in stainless steel vats at 20-22C to preserve natural fruit flavors, and just 10% in oak casks to deliver some roundness and volume to the wine.    In addition to seafood, many fans of White Burgundy will enjoy this Pouilly-Fuisse with poultry in white sauces also.

1996     Puligny Montrachet, La Garenne, 1er Cru, Françoise & Denis Clair, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,500
One thing fans of white Burgundy wines particularly like about the Denis Clair wines is the restrained use of oak.  Along the same direction, there is no esteeming here but just a crushing before the pneumatic pressing.  Due to its geographic location (very mineral soil), the wine has a nice fresh nose (fresh fruits, citrus).  This wine is rich and complex: the fruity flavor blends with floral aromas and the whole is supported by a nice vivacity. Furthermore the age of the parcel provides it with a great persistence.

1995     Puligny Montrachet, Les Folatieres, 1er Cru, Robert Maroslavac-Leger, Côte de Beaune
PHP 7,500
Les Folatieres is the latest premier cru vineyard in Puligny-Montrachet with slopes from the northern half of the Mont-Rachet hillside that gives the name Montrachet to valley below. High-quality wines like this premier cru of Robert Maroslavac-Leger are what gives Puligny-Montrachet its fame as the greatest white wine producing region in the world.

1989     Puligny Montrachet, A. Buisson-Battault, Côte de Beaune
PHP 4,900
Despite investments in modernizations (which are really the only things that look modern in his cellar) Buisson’s goal for his winemaking is simple: he wants to make the kind of wine that his father made in 1960. In addition to the work in the vineyards, this includes eschewing new oak in the wine. Even in his best parcels of vineyards, Buisson uses no more than 20% new oak.  Buisson-Battault makes a total of about 2500 cases of wine each year. Just a few barrels of this, and a few barrels of that. More than 60% of the wine never leaves France.

1985     Puligny Montrachet, 1er Cru, Domaine Leroy, Côte de Beaune
PHP 13,000
As well as an unwavering devotee of bio dynamism, Bize-Leroy is a passionate believer in low yields. ‘25hl/ha (hectoliters per hectare) is her absolute maximum for a grand cru, and even that is very rare.  Leroy’s philosophy of wine production is "Wine is inspired by the cosmos; it tastes of the earth."  The grapes are carefully sorted, given a brief cold soak, and then fermented as slowly as possible.   Their finesse and persistence of flavor is extraordinary. It is inevitable that one tries to compare them to the DRC wines, but the styles are different. The Leroy wines seem to have a more self-conscious weight of fruit, without showing any traces of heaviness.

1979     Puligny-Montrachet, Labaume,
Côte de Beaune
PHP 5,900
Situated in the middle part of the Côte de Beaune is the famous village of the Côte des Blancs, Puligny-Montrachet, one of the  most celebrated white wine appellations in the world.  The soil here is mainly limestone, a mixture of ochre earth and small pebbles.  This is wine of great finesse, distinguished and elegant. The aromas evoke trees in bloom and white flesh fruit, like white peaches. Now well-aged and fully matured, the aromas evolve towards almond and lightly grilled dried fruit. On the palate, there is a sensation of fresh silkiness. Long and persistent in the aftertaste, ending on an exceptional wealth of flavors, both floral and fruity.

2008     Saint-Aubin, Lupè-Cholet, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,000
Quite firm and full-bodied, exuding aromas of white flowers, flint and raw almonds; an age-worthy white wine taking on flesh and depth with bottle ageing, a wine to savor not only with good food but even on its own.

1989     Saint-Aubin, 1er Cru, Larue,
Côte de Beaune
PHP 2,900
When young, the wine combined aromas of white flowers, flint, green almond, and orange-flower. Richer fragrances come with age: beeswax and honey, marzipan, ambergris, and cinnamon. This is a firm and flattering wine – a bit sharp to start with but which becomes fleshier and fuller with time. This is a wine with real breeding.  The wine’s nobility and distinction derives from a subtle balance between elegant freshness and a rich but not excessive unctuousness which gives it great fluidity in the mouth. With a wine like this, firm-textured fish and grilled or steamed crustaceans would be at ease. It would also make a perfect finishing touch to dense-fleshed poultry.

2010     Saint-Romain blanc, Lupè-Cholet,
Côte de Beaune
PHP 2,900
Lupè-Cholet’s winemaking involves careful selection of the grapes, light pressing, partial or total de-stemming, cold maceration prior to fermentation are the techniques used to imprint their individual style on their wines.  The resulting wine is rich and complex, redolent of ripe fruits which progressively reveal themselves at each stage in their evolution.  St. Roman produces red (Pinot Noir) wines and white wines 100% Chardonnay.  Nose of white flowers and lime leads into a medium-light bodied white wine with a good touch of minerals highlighted by fresh acidity, making it a very nice wine to drink with more delicate dishes of white meat and poultry in lighter sauces. 

1999     Saint-Romain, Château Des Guettes, Francois Parent, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,500
A matured vintage white wine in a good year like 1999 from Burgundy is a fine choice of a wine to enjoy with dishes showcasing high-quality fresh ingredients from the sea.  The mineral acidity of the wine pairs well with even marinated vegetables present in a many Asian starter courses.  Fans of steamed and poached fish find this wine to be one of the ideal wine selections.

1998     Saint-Romain, Château Des Guettes, François Parent, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,500
Domaine Parent’s wines were apparently among the first Burgundies ever served in the White House, owing to Thomas Jefferson’s tour of Burgundy under the guidance of Monsieur Parent, a highly reputed vigneron and négociant with offices in Beaune. Domaine Parent was well established in the late 18th century, having been founded in 1630.

1998     Saint-Romain Blanc, Alain Gras, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
"The wine is made from 20 to 30% of grapes destalked before
Temperature controlled pneumatic pressing, followed by alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in barrels.  The wine is
Matured in barrels (20% of which are new) and in tanks for 12 months before bottling.  The wine has a racy nose, with a smell of nuts, toast and a suggestion of vanilla, expressive in the mouth with a fat and ample taste.  This is a mineral wine with an elegant oaky taste and an excellent length taste."

1989     Saint-Romain Blanc, Andre Goichot,
Côte de Beaune
PHP 2,900
Founded in 1947 Close to Meursault, the thriving Goichot family company shows a deep respect for tradition. The close long-standing ties that Andre Goichot enjoys with growers of the region enable them to select the best the region has to offer.  The appellation of Saint-Roman is amphitheater-like, with the best sites located on stony slopes beneath a striking outcropping of limestone cliffs.  The wines are dry, classically austere flavors needing quite a few years to open up.

2010     Santenay Blanc Comme-Dessus, Domaine Roger Belland, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
antenay is a charming village, at the southern end of the Côte de Beaune, below the Mont de Sène.  This ancient village was already famous in Roman times for its hot springs named "Santinae Aquae" (health-giving waters).  Santenay was recognized as an AOC in 1970.  Chardonnay, which is easier to please, doesn’t find its greatest slopes in Santenay, but can produce a wine of good character.   The good wines are capable of taking on a rich, layered texture and pleasant flavors that go very well with a wide variety of seafood and white meat.

2010     Santenay Blanc 1er Cru Beauregard, Domaine Roger Belland, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,900
Famous also for its spas, Santenay is a primarily red wine town although a small quantity of very good white wines can be seen from time to time.   The climat Beauregard is one of 12 premier crus of Santenay.   2010 is a fabulous year for Burgundy (and Bordeaux) producing clean, sort and pure Chardonnay-based white wine that exudes ripe fruit flavors, without being too rich or powerful, with good cut.

1997     Santenay Blanc, Cornieres, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,200
Santenay is an appellation for red and white wine.   The whites are less common, with a simple but pleasant nutty richness.  The vineyards are composed of marl and Oxford an limestone soils, also mixed with dolomitic limestone, the quantity of clay usually being higher towards the bottom of the slopes.  1997 produced wines with longevity, capable of long ageing.   These white wines made from the vines close to Chassagne-Montrachet do have a strong family resemblance – particularly the aromas.

1998     Savigny Lès Beaune, Simon Bize & Fils, Côte de Beaune
PHP 3,500
Savigny-lès-Beaune is one of the less-celebrated appellations of Burgundy, in part because the village is off the beaten path, located several kilometers from Route 74, the north-south artery of the Côte d’Or. This obscurity makes for some great values.  This 1998 vintage is a delightfully light-hearted white wine, flowery nose, lemony on the palate, admirably clean and ot overly complicated to enjoy with food that showcases the natural flavors of the main ingredients

2010     Viré-Clessé, Lupè-Cholet, Mâconnais 
PHP 2,200
A new appellation created only back in 1999 in recognition for centuries of high quality (white) wine bottled and sold under Mâcon-Clessé or Mâcon-Viré before; wines similar to the famous Pouilly-Fuisse, with firm structure and interesting mineral notes.  Flowery bouquet leading to lively fresh fruit flavors on the palate with refreshing acidity for balance and vigor, well-rounded tender mouth feel, exceptionally nice to accompany white meat with sauce

1995     Vougeot Blanc, Dom. Bertagna, Côte de Nuits
PHP 6,900
The finest white in the Cote de Nuit! The aromas immediately command your attention with an enticing spice character. This has a deep richness of flavor, a pure mineral core and a real sense of harmony in the wine.   This wine is extremely rare.

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